Facebook Page Engagement Custom

Facebook Page engagement custom audiences and step by step instructions on how to create the custom audience. Most marketers know when creating an ad then targeting a warm audience will result in higher conversions. Warm audiences are typically your email list, targeting your Facebook fans/followers, people who are somewhat familiar with you, your business, and/or [...]

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Facebook Messenger Day Looking More Like Snapchat

Facebook Messenger Day Looking More Like Snapchat? Yes, it's true and you had to expect it right? Facebook, the giant, isn't just going to roll over and let other social media platforms out beat them with features. Make today no different, Facebook released a new way to communicate through Facebook Messenger. Introducing Facebook Messenger Day where [...]

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Using An Online Quiz To Generate Leads

Interact Quizzes: Using An Online Quiz To Generate Leads Have you heard the saying... "Leads are the life-blood of your business?" Any online business owner will tell you mastering lead generation is key to creating success online. Recently I was cruising through my newsfeed on Facebook and I ran across a status update asking me, "What [...]

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Become An Authority: 5 Proven Ways To Position Yourself For Success

5 Proven Ways To Become An Authority Let's just be brutally honest for a moment. It's a heckuva lot easier to... Generate leads Sell products Attract new clients/customers ... when people already know who you are because you've become an authority. This is why knowing how to become an authority on your chosen topic is essential [...]

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Facebook Ad Split Testing

How To Create An Ad Using Facebook Ad Split Testing Feature Experienced Facebook advertisers understand the power of Facebook ad split testing. However, the problem is up until now is that Facebook made split testing quite a challenge for marketers. Between... Facebook not spreading out your budget evenly on your ad sets Spending lots of extra [...]

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How To Write A Call To Action: 6 Tips To Get More Conversions

How To Write A Call To Action: 6 Tips To Get More Conversions If you've ever wondered how to write a call to action then this article is meant for you! Look, content is the foundation that you use for online marketing. While we all know that quality content is essential, a well-written blog post [...]

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Increase Your Twitter Followers: 6 Easy Steps To Get More People Following You

6 Steps to Increase Your Twitter Followers Looking to increase the amount of your Twitter followers? If so, you have landed in the right place! Today I am going to share with you 6 easy to implement strategies to getting more Twitter followers. Even though Twitter doesn’t have as many users as Facebook or Instagram, it's [...]

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Mark Hoverson Shares Invisible Empire Results

Mark Hoverson Shares Invisible Empire Results In October 2016 his Invisible Empire company brought in over $190,000 in sales.  Many of those sales are attributed to the affiliates. In webinar replay below Mark goes over what these affiliates are selling and how they are doing it to make $1,000 or $3,000 commissions. 3 Pillars of Profit [...]

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Invisible Empire – Renaissance Travel Club

Now you can earn $2,000 commissions with Invisible Empire - Renaissance Travel Club and you don't even have to invest the $5,000 to start earning the commissions.  But you should since it's an amazing travel product we have owned since 2010. Pretty exciting news! Bill and I have been a part of Renaissance Travel Club, [...]

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How to Effectively Handle Negative Social Media Comments

Every wonder how to effectively handle negative social media comments? Or....maybe you would like to help give advice to those who aren't sure how to handle negative social media comments. Either way....I hope this post helps you when it comes to dealing with negative comments. Truth be told, every business receives negative comments at some [...]

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How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Social Media has completely changed the game when it comes to internet marketing. In fact, it's easier than ever to connect with your customers using Social Media platforms such as Facebook. One of the many benefits of using Facebook to market your business, is the ability to grow [...]

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5 Simple Strategies To Monetize Your Business

5 Simple Strategies To Monetize Your Business Would you like to monetize your business more effectively? If so, you've come to the right place. The problem most online marketers face is they completely miss the boat when it comes to creating a monetization strategy for their businesses.  Without a monetization strategy in place... there's a good [...]

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