How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate On Your Website

bounce rate

Looking to decrease the bounce rate on your blog or website?

If you are then this blog post will definitely help you out.

Keeping track of website traffic, conversion rates, and other metrics are an important part of online marketing.

You have to know what works and what doesn’t if you want to have success. 

But have you ever heard someone ask…

“What’s the bounce rate on your site?”

When we first started out online I had no clue what a “bounce rate” was.

Can you relate?

To make matters worse…

… when I found out what “bounce rate” meant,  I had no idea how to improve it. 

In the video below we’ll reveal to you what a bounce rate is and how you can improve your bounce rate. 

Watch this video now and also be sure to check out the 5 Step Formula to building your business that we’ll give you at the end of this article.

Hopefully the above video clarifies what a bounce rate is and how you can improve it.

Remember this…  a bounce rate refers to the percentage of single page visits.

When a person lands on one of your pages and doesn’t visit any other pages or click on any links, you get a bounce.

A high bounce rate is an indication that your online marketing tactics aren’t succeeding.

People that leave your site without following the link or interacting with the page either…

  1. Didn’t find the content beneficial
  2. Had an issue with your page

Here in summary are some steps that you can take to lower your bounce rate:

  • Improve the readability of your content by making sure that you use short paragraphs.
  • Check your page’s load speed. Pages that take too long to load will get higher bounce rates.
  • You should also limit your use of your pop-up ads.
  • Make sure that you have an effective call to action. If you’re not telling your visitors what their next move should be, they’ll likely leave your page after reading your content.
  • Include contact and social media links on your homepage.
  • Regularly post new content to your website.
  • Pay attention to your target keywords when creating pages. One of the biggest reasons that people leave a page is because they didn’t find anything useful.

Put these tips together that you learned in this video to start boosting your conversion rates and dramatically decrease your bounce rates.

So if you’re not happy with your bounce rate, then use these tips in this post to turn things around.



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