Interact Quizzes: Using An Online Quiz To Generate Leads

interact quizzes

Have you heard the saying…

“Leads are the life-blood of your business?”

Any online business owner will tell you mastering lead generation is key to creating success online.

Recently I was cruising through my newsfeed on Facebook and I ran across a status update asking me, “What Kind Of An Entrepreneur Are You?”

interact quizzes

Well I was bored….

So I decided to take the quiz to see what kind of entrepreneur I was.

As far as the result, well I’ll get to that in a moment…

… but what I first want to share with you is what led me to researching the strategy behind quizzes like the one above I saw in my Facebook newsfeed.

You see, I was intrigued by the concept of these quizzes and by what the end goal was.

After seeing a few more fun quizzes in my newsfeed, I came to the conclusion that they all had one thing in common…

In order for me to get the results of my quiz I had to give them my email address. 

Now as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, leads are the life-blood of any business!

And we’re in the business of generating leads.

So I asked myself…..

If I put together a quiz for our vegan niche business and put that quiz in front of a vegan audience…

…would I have success at generating leads?

That led me to seek out help from my good friend Google where I found a company called Interact Quizzes.

I decided to test out a 7 day trial and put together my very first quiz.

End result….

interact quizzes

Pretty cool, right?

Well being the Facebook marketer I am, I decided to run a Facebook ad to this quiz.

My target audience?

All 200,000 fans who like our My Vegan Dreams Facebook Fan page.

Much to my surprise,  in just 24 hours we had generated 285 leads and we’d only spent $52.90.

That’s $0.18 a lead!

At this point we’ve been running this ad for about 45 days and we’ve generated 3,213 leads at a cost of roughly $0.36 a lead!

Still an awesome number and as a marketer I’ll gladly pay 36 cents for a targeted leads any day of the week.

interact quizzes

interact quizzes

After reviewing a few other platforms I found Interact Quizzes to be the most user friendly, affordable and the customer support is outstanding.


So What Can You Do With Interact Quizzes?

First and foremost you can grow your email list by using a variety of options available when you sign up:

  • Assessments – Build assessments to test your audience’s knowledge and qualify leads
  • Personality Quizzes – Create engaging quizzes just like the ones you see on Facebook
  • Giveaways – Run giveaways to reach new customers and reward potential clients


Interact Quizzes also offers a variety of templates for those of us that get stuck when it comes to creativity, like me.

Plus the template library is always growing as more and more quizzes become available.

It’s really quite quick and simple to set up your first quiz!

You simply:

  • Log in
  • Click “quizzes” on the left
  • Click “create a new quiz”
  • Choose the type of quiz you want; assessment or personality
  • Skip over creating yourself if you want and click templates
  • Choose your template
  • Connect your auto responder by choosing the integration option
  • Click to publish your quiz and test it out

And that’s pretty much it!

You’re now ready to start driving traffic to your quiz and watch the leads come in.


So Are You Ready To Try Out Interact For FREE?

Oh I almost forgot… after taking the Entrepreneur quiz, I am the Exponential Entrepreneur.

Interact makes it easy to set up free 7 day trial account.

Click HERE.

After 7 days they offer a variety of affordable different pricing plans based on your business needs.

So be sure to check it out today, right HERE.

As always, I’d be interested to hear more about your experiences with online quizzes.

Have you tried quizzes to generate leads?

Did they work for you?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

interact quizzes

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