negative social media comments

Every wonder how to effectively handle negative social media comments?

Or….maybe you would like to help give advice to those who aren’t sure how to handle negative social media comments.

Either way….I hope this post helps you when it comes to dealing with negative comments.

Truth be told, every business receives negative comments at some point.

Thanks to the modern world that we live in, it’s incredibly easy for the public to comment on anything and everything.

When you get a negative comment on social media, how you respond to the comment can impact how you’re perceived by the public.

Therefore maintaining a positive tone is essential when responding to negative social media comments. But, this isn’t always easy.

Here are the best ways to respond positively to negative social media comments.

#1 – It helps if you can employ someone to handle your social media comments. It’s important to be consistent in answering comments or questions and have a consistent tone to your answers.

Customers enjoy prompt responses. You should set up an email alert for any new comments on all of your social media profiles. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social networking site, you can set up your profile settings to send you either text or email notifications upon receiving comments.

Try to respond to comments in a timely manner. Generally, any response that’s received within one hour is considered prompt.

Anything beyond 24 hours is considered a delayed response.

When you see a negative comment its important to respond quickly.

Typically, when someone has a complaint, they simply want their opinion to be heard. By responding quickly, you’re showing them that you’re listening. Taking the time to respond to these comments quickly could save you a customer.

#2- Another tip…..always take a deep breath and reread your response before replying to a negative comment. It can be hard to write a neutral or positive comment when responding to a negative situation out of emotion. It’s best to pause before hitting that send button.

You will want to take a moment to read your message and ensure it doesn’t come across as harsh, defensive, or confrontational.

You could also ask a business partner or someone you trust their opinion on your response to the negative social media comment.

It also might be best to respond to their complaints privately. By doing so you may come to a resolution and hopefully they will delete their negative comment.

#3 – When a customer has a legitimate complaint, look at this as an opportunity to learn more about the issue at hand. Respond promptly and ask for any additional information that could help you solve their problem.

At the end of your response, you should thank them for taking the time to contact you. You want to show them that you appreciate their input, even if they come across as rude or vulgar. Then, apologize for the inconvenience and let them know what the next step will be.

#4 – Now not all negative comments offer a resolution. If you’re unable to resolve the issue, then you may consider giving a refund or provide a discount towards their next purchase.

This could help you keep the customer. By offering them a deal, you’re placing their concerns first.

Learn from these comments. If you’re receiving negative comments, then perhaps there really is a problem with one of your products or services. Listen to the complaints, instead of simply responding to the comment and moving on.

The way that you interact with your customers will directly impact your online presence. Angry customers have a tendency to speak out. They may post negative reviews on other sites or take further action. So, it’s best to diffuse the situation fast.

You can quickly do this by responding promptly and positively to all negative comments.

I hope this helps and if you got value from this post be sure to comment below and share.


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