How To Write A Call To Action: 6 Tips To Get More Conversions
how to write a call to action

If you’ve ever wondered how to write a call to action then this article is meant for you!

Look, content is the foundation that you use for online marketing.

While we all know that quality content is essential, a well-written blog post or email is less likely to convert if you have a poorly worded call to action.

A call to action needs to grab your reader’s attention…

… and spur them to take action!

In fact, without a strong call to action, you could have great content that ends up falling flat from a business productivity standpoint.

If you feel that your online marketing content is under-performing, then you should take a look at your call to action.

If you need help creating an effective call to action, then use the following 6 tips to learn how to write a call to action that converts.


How To Write A Call To Action That Converts

Before we dive into the 6 call to action tips, let’s get on the same page as to what a call to action is.

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of a call to action

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response.

Typically, a call to action will use an imperative verb such as “Click Here”, “Download Now” or “Learn More”.

As you can see, the call to action is kind of like the cherry on top.

It’s the thing that pushes your reader to take that next action which typically creates a conversion.

So now that you know what a call to action is…

… let’s dive into our 6 tips to write calls to action that convert!


1.) Keep Your Call to Action Short

The very first step to writing an effective call to action is to keep it short.

You should try to keep your call to action to less than 150 characters.

Essentially, your call to action is an “act now” button or link.

The important thing to understand is your call to action can be short while still conveying a specific message.

For example, instead of simply stating “call today”

… you may state “call us today and get a free quote”.

Always check the total character count of your call to action and don’t be afraid to trim a word or two.


2.) Use Actionable Verbs

Use action words to get your reader to complete the desired action.

Actionable verbs are words that can actually be performed by a person.

For example, when you include the word “Call” in your call to action, you’re encouraging your reader to call you.

Other examples of some of the best call to action words are: 

  • Click
  • Download
  • Try
  • Learn
  • Sign up
  • Join
  • Start
  • Talk
  • Reply
  • Place your order

As you can see, these words are clearly directing the reader to take a specific action.


3.) Create Urgency in Your Call to Action

In addition to actionable verbs, you should try to create a sense of urgency.

You want to create an emotional trigger to give the sense that they need to “act now” in order to take advantage of your offer.

For example, you wouldn’t state “Call us anytime to learn more”.

Instead, you would state “Call us today to learn more”.

Here are a few examples of call to action words that you can use to achieve this:

  • Now
  • Today
  • Limited time
  • Act now
  • Don’t delay
  • Last chance

Don’t count on your reader to remember what you want them to do later on.

People get busy and our lives are hectic.

Take advantage of the fact that they’re reading your marketing material, and get them to act now.


how to write a call to action


4.) Provide a Value in Your Call to Action

Another solution for boosting your conversion rates is to provide a value in your call to action.

Including an offer or special promotion in your call to action lets your readers know that they’re getting a deal.

When writing your call to action, you may mention…

  • “call today for a free quote”
  • “call now to get a 50% discount”
  • “click here to receive your special gift”
  • “click here to access your coupon code”

This is a simple way to convert skeptical readers.


5.) Make Sure Visitors Can Read Your Call to Action

Along with the actual words that you use, you need to make sure your call to action is readable.

This means avoiding small fonts or intricate designs.

You can use graphics and interesting designs in your copy.

But, your call to action needs to be highly visible and readable.

If your call to action is on a squeeze page, make sure the color of the call to action stands out.

Also, be sure to make the color of the call to action the only time that color is used.

For example, if your call to action box is orange, make sure that is the only time the color orange is used on the squeeze page.


6.) Keep Your Action Simple

Once a reader clicks on your call to action, they shouldn’t have any problem completing the next action.

If the action is filling out a form, the form should be simple.

If the action is giving you call, they shouldn’t have any problem finding the phone number.

In many cases, the action will be to “opt in” so they can access your lead magnet and become a lead on your email newsletter.

Whatever your goal is for your call to action you should make simple, clear, and only ask your reader to do one thing.

If you ask your reader to click on or make a decision on 2 or 3 different things, you run the risk of confusing them.

A confused mind makes no decisions.

So always be sure there’s only one decision to make and only one form to fill out or box to click on.


Final Thoughts: How To Write A Call to Action

Now that you’ve read through these 6 tips on how to write a call to action you’re ready to start creating your own.

Remember, your call to action must be…

  • Clear
  • Easy to read
  • Have a sense of urgency

Always refer back to these 6 tips when you want to start writing calls to action that actually convert.

In addition to knowing the importance of a strong call to action, it’s also important to have compelling ideas on what to write about.

If you want to create an endless stream of compelling content then get your hands on my free content creation report now.



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How to write a call to action

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