Facebook Messenger Day Looking More Like Snapchat?

Yes, it’s true and you had to expect it right? Facebook, the giant, isn’t just going to roll over and let other social media platforms out beat them with features.

Make today no different, Facebook released a new way to communicate through Facebook Messenger.

Introducing Facebook Messenger Day where you can choose from more than 5,000 frames, effects, and stickers to make your messenger day.  The same process as Snapchat your story will stay for 24 hours before it disappears.

facebook messenger day

Okay, I am going to go ahead and say it now…..It’s NOT Snapchat!

Personally after playing with Facebook Messenger Day….. I believe I will just stick with Snapchat.

I can’t see myself replacing  Snapchat for Messenger Day.

I found it not really user-friendly, lacking a few features I love with Snapchat…. but then Facebook Messenger Day was just released and if you know the history of Facebook I’m sure they will keep updating after this initial release.

One thing I can say that will be positive for advertisers is that in the future, I am hearing, we will have the ability in the future to place ad between posts.

Okay….maybe I do like it now!

For those of you that want to give Messenger Day a try here you go…

Here’s how Messenger Day works:

  1. First, make sure you’ve updated your Messenger app so you have the latest version.
  2. Open Messenger and tap on the camera highlighted with a sun to celebrate this launch. Doing so drops you right into the full-screen camera. Or, tap the “Add to your day” button at the top of your inbox to get started.
  3. Snap a quick selfie or take a photo or video of what’s around you.
  4. To add art and effects, tap the smiley face icon in the top right and then tap to add to your photo or video. You can also add text over your images by tapping the “Aa” icon, and you can overlay a drawing by tapping the squiggly line in the top right corner.
  5. Once you have your photo or video the way you want it, tap the arrow in the bottom right corner. You can then add directly to your day, save it to your phone’s camera roll, and/or you can choose to send it to a specific person or group of people. The photo or video that you add to your day will be viewable for 24 hours.

You will see other Messenger Days from your friends at the top of your chats in your messenger app.

You can even respond to other chats with a private message or pre-filled messages such as “haha”, “Aww”, “Oh No”, “Wow”, a heart, and a few other emojis.

By default, your posts will be visible to everyone except people you block. Basically anyone who can message you on messenger will be able to see your day at the top of their app.

Also when submitting to your day you do have the ability to choose from a specific list of people who can watch your day if you choose not to use the default settings.  You can also send your posts directly to people you choose in the messenger and the post will come across as a message in their messenger.

Snapchat has a few more features than Messenger Day and in my opinion a lot more user-friendly.

With Snapchat you have the ability to save your entire story to your camera roll.  You can also choose how long you want to show an image whether it be 5 seconds or 10 seconds.  There’s also swipe filters that I know us ladies love to make that flawless complexion look good on camera.

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For the full story on Facebook, Messenger Day visit the official announcement from Facebook, HERE.

Now it’s your turn.  Have you tried Facebook Messenger Day out and what are your thoughts?  Leave me a comment below.



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