How To Create An Ad Using Facebook Ad Split Testing Feature

Experienced Facebook advertisers understand the power of Facebook ad split testing.

However, the problem is up until now is that Facebook made split testing quite a challenge for marketers.


  • Facebook not spreading out your budget evenly on your ad sets
  • Spending lots of extra time to create different ad sets
  • Certain ads being stopped because Facebook’s algorithm “determined” they weren’t performing

… split testing on Facebook was time consuming, inefficient, and a pain in the neck!

However, the good news is… that’s all in the past!

In just a sec I’m going to share with you a brand new video tutorial of Facebook’s new Ad Split Testing feature.

This short and informative video will take you by the hand and show you step by step how you can quickly and easily start split testing your Facebook ads as soon as today.

Keep reading to watch the video.


Facebook Ad Split Testing: Then And Now

Prior to Facebook’s new Ad Split Testing feature split testing was done manually by the user.  This meant that as an advertiser you had to create different ad sets in order to split test an ad.

Also, different variables could be tested between the ad sets but there was always the issue that the Facebook platform wouldn’t spread your budget out evenly among the ad sets.

You could not prevent overlap of the same ad in each ad set and it was always difficult to get Facebook to actually show your ads equally. Instead, the platform would run the ads against each other to determine the best performing ad.

Often times Facebook would just stop showing an ad because the algorithm determined one was performing better than the other.

This obviously meant marketers had less control of their split testing.

So, the next step would be to just create different campaigns, which was time-consuming, so advertisers could be in more control of how an ad would be shown and how the budget would be used.

Now Facebook has made it a lot easier for advertisers to set up split testing within the power editor and/or ad manager.

As of writing this post the Facebook ad split testing feature is just rolling out.

Here’s how the new Facebook ad split testing will work:

Quoted from Facebook:

Facebook’s Split Testing feature allows advertisers to create multiple ad sets and test them against each other to see what strategies produce the best results. Here’s how it works:

  • Split Testing divides your audience into random, non-overlapping groups who are shown ad sets with identical creative.
  • This randomization helps ensure the test is conducted fairly because other factors won’t skew the results of the group comparison. It also ensures each ad set is given an equal chance in the auction.
  • Each ad set tested has one distinct difference, called a variable. Your variable can be different audience types, placements, or delivery optimizations. Facebook will duplicate your ads and only change the one variable you choose.
  • To get the most accurate results from Split Testing, you’ll only have the opportunity to test one variable at a time. For example, if you test two different audiences against each other, you can’t also test two delivery optimizations simultaneously because you wouldn’t know for sure which change affected the performance.
  • Split Testing is based on people, not cookies, and gathers results across multiple devices.
  • The performance of each ad set is measured according to your campaign objective and is then recorded and compared. The best performing ad set wins.
  • After the test is complete, you’ll get a notification and email containing results. These insights can then fuel your ad strategy and help you design your next campaign.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW where I’ll walk you through how to set up a Facebook ad using this new feature.


Recapping The New Facebook Ad Split Testing Feature

Just as a recap here are the ad objectives you would need to choose in order to use the Facebook ad split testing feature:

  • Increase conversions on your website (Website conversions)
  • Get installs of your app (Mobile app installs)
  • Collect leads for your business (Lead generation)

Here are the variables you will be able to split test:

  • Target audience
  • Delivery optimization
  • Placements

What I love about this new feature is now you can isolate an audience that is performing best for your business.

In regards to this common question, I hear a lot…

“What should I optimize for when it comes to bidding? Link clicks? Or should I choose manual bidding or automatic bidding?”

Unfortunately, because every business is different there is no correct answer. You’ll have to test the different options to see what works best for you and your business.

The good news is, with this new feature Facebook makes it a lot easier for you to test as I showed in the video above.


Facebook Ad Split Testing: Next Steps

Now it’s your turn…..have you tested this out?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what kind of results you have gotten from using the Facebook ad split testing feature.

If you got value to be sure to share with your business friends.

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You can read more about Facebook ad split testing HERE.

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