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7 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Facebook Page

Running your brand's business Facebook page is a great way to increase engagement with your audience and improve your advertising outreach, but a strong page is more difficult to create than it may sound at first. Experienced brand builders understand how to build relationships with their audience and provide unique content that keeps users coming [...]

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How To Create The Perfect Facebook Audience For Your Business

How To Create The Perfect Facebook Audience You know that Facebook marketing is important, right? Of course you do! (we all do) We also know that Facebook is an incredibly valuable marketing platform that offers a powerful set of tools.  So what's the trick the best Facebook marketers understand, that most other marketers don't?  How [...]

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The 3 Most Important Facebook Advertising Metrics

Facebook Advertising Metrics - The 3 Most Important Metrics   Let's be honest... ... advertising on Facebook can be tricky. You've got to choose the right ad objective based on your goals. Then you've got to dial in your target audience to make sure your ads are being placed in front of the right people. [...]

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Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixels Facebook pixels are important if you are wanting to achieve success with your ad campaigns. In this article, I’ll talk about the importance of Facebook pixels along with the benefits you can receive from using the pixel. What Are Facebook Pixels A Facebook pixel is a code that you put on your website. [...]

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Dynamic Creative Facebook Ads

Dynamic Creative Facebook Ads  [Editors Note: Dynamic Creative Facebook Ads are still being rolled out to advertisers as of writing this post] Thanks to Facebook's newly released dynamic creative Facebook ads... ... marketers can now create multiple ad combinations in just one ad. Yup, you heard that right! You can now have several variations (image, [...]

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Facebook Page Engagement Custom

Facebook Page engagement custom audiences and step by step instructions on how to create the custom audience. Most marketers know when creating an ad then targeting a warm audience will result in higher conversions. Warm audiences are typically your email list, targeting your Facebook fans/followers, people who are somewhat familiar with you, your business, and/or [...]

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