How to Schedule a Facebook Live Broadcast

Are you using Facebook Live broadcasts in your business?

If you are… then you’ll absolutely want to watch the video below.


Because when you watch the video you’ll discover how you can schedule a Facebook live broadcast so you can get more people and interaction on your Facebook Lives.


Why Schedule A Facebook Live?

We like to schedule our Facebook Lives ahead of time so our audience has plenty of time to plan ahead.

Also, when we schedule our Facebook Lives, Facebook gives us a broadcast link we can use to send out to our audience.

We’re now able to inform our list of email subscribers with the exact time & place we are going to go live.

Another step we like to take is to post the scheduled live link our Facebook groups and or other Fan Pages we manage.


schedule a Facebook live


When you take these critical steps you will increase the amount of people who show up on your Facebook Live broadcasts.

As mentioned above when you schedule a Facebook Live you will get a URL to share ahead of time with your audience.

However, you’ll still need to use a third party software program to activate the Facebook Live when it is time to go live (at least that’s the case at the time of writing this post)

I’ll give you more information on third party programs in just a bit…



How to Schedule a Facebook Live Broadcast


3rd Party Programs To Schedule A Facebook Live

When you’re ready to go live with your broadcast… grab your stream key and use a third party program such as OBS.

I have provided a link HERE on how to use OBS for your live broadcasts.

It’s easy to incorporate OBS with your Facebook Lives once you follow our instructions here.


Next Steps: How To Schedule A Facebook Live

So as you can see, the video above shared with you just how easy it is fro you to schedule a Facebook live for yourself.

Now it’s up to you to come up with Facebook Live topics that will be entertaining or valuable for your audience.

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