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4 Writing Techniques To Grab Your Reader’s Attention

4 Writing Techniques To Grab Your Reader's Attention  Want to hear an uncomfortable truth? The bloggers, the entrepreneurs, and the content creators who don't immediately grab their reader's attention... ... will waste hours, days, or even weeks of time and effort every time they publish a blog post! It's sad, but true. The fact is, [...]

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How To Write A Pillar Blog Post: The Ultimate Pillar Post Guide For Bloggers

How To Write A Pillar Blog Post Wanna know the biggest challenge all bloggers face today? Getting your blog posts to stand out from the rest of the blogging "herd". With over 2.7 million new blog posts being published every day, it's no wonder it's so hard to get your audience to read your blog [...]

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Blogging Interviews

Blogging Interviews - Creating Great Content with Interviews We all know the importance of having quality, engaging and interesting content when it comes to having a blog. People want to read blog posts that they can get some sort of value from. Whether that’s education, insight, or inspiration, everyone has a reason for reading a [...]

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6 Proven Tips To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines That Work

6 Proven Tips To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines That Work Headlines matter! If you're a blogger there probably isn’t a better use of your time than to learn the art & science of how to write attention grabbing headlines. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to spend a lot of [...]

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3 Proven Strategies To Get More Conversions From Your Blog

How To Get More Conversions From Your Blog Want to get more conversions from your blog? Then you've come to the right place. In a minute, I'm going to reveal to you 3 proven strategies to help you get more conversions from your blog starting today. But first, lets face the facts. In 2005 there were approximately 7.8 million [...]

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5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid So You Won’t Waste Your Reader’s Time

5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid  Blogging is a great way to build your business, but there are 5 blogging mistakes to avoid if you don't want to waste your reader's time. As you probably already know... ... the internet is a very busy place. Not only are you competing for your prospect's attention, time, and bandwidth (the [...]

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Increase Blog Results In Less Time – Blogging For The “Solopreneur”

How to Increase Blog Results For Your Business Want to increase blog results? Then you've come to the right place! As a marketer, you're probably aware of how important a blog can be for your business,  and you'd like to increase blog results to get more traffic and sales. However, if you’re a “Solopreneur” or [...]

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Make Money Blogging For Beginnners

Make Money Blogging Maybe you have thought about blogging, have tried blogging but didn't have any success with trying to figure out how to make money blogging.  Either way I am hear to hopefully give you some valuable tips to help you get started or at least ease the pain of overwhelm. In the video [...]

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Make Money Blogging

                  So You Want to Make Money Blogging? Seems pretty easy right?  Just get yourself a blog and post valuable content everyday and as long as you have an offer on your blog you are positioned well to make money blogging.  Wrong.... I actually went [...]

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Getting Blog Traffic

Every day a huge number of men and women start up a new blog nevertheless they do not end up sticking with it simply because they're not getting the traffic that they want instantly. The issue is that the majority of people when starting a blog don't actually know how to market it properly, because if they did they would find many people who would would like reading their blog on a daily basis.

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SEO Networker 3.0

A little SEO bird told us that Ferny & Ray are reopening SEO Networker 3.0… but only briefly. They plan on doing this starting this coming Monday (the 28th) at noon PST but it will only be for 36 hours. Yep, this will last only until 11:59 PM PST the following day, Tuesday (the 29th).

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SEO Networker 3.0 – Traffic

Are you traffic starved? Odds are, you are just like I use to be. Not too mention thousands of other people are too. But, even though I use to be traffic starved, Ray and Ferny at SEO Networker 3.0, called me out the other weekend and said I don't know squat about traffic.

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SEO Networker 3.0

Wow, it's been such a whirl wind of a year not only for our business but also for many when it comes to getting traffic. This has been the number one struggle in our industry. The number one issue we hear from our students who come to us for help is "I need traffic!"

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