Increase Traffic To Your Website With These 8 SEO Tips!

Increase traffic to your website

It’s sad, but true.

SEO strategies become more and more complex every year!

If you’re a marketer or business owner, it can be downright mind-boggling figuring out how to increase traffic to your website.

The fact is, you need to get traffic to your website if you want to increase your brand visibility and sell your products. 

However, it can be a full time job trying to keep up with all the latest and greatest SEO strategies.

Who’s got time for that?

If any of this is starting to frustrate you I completely understand.

Truth be told, I used to feel the same way.

But I’ve got some good news for you…

With so many analytics and tools available, there are now countless strategies you can deploy to help you get more traffic to your site.

The best part is… you don’t have to be Doogie Howser M.D. to figure these strategies out.

So while your website’s search engine optimization won’t be perfected overnight…

… you can increase the traffic to your site by implementing consistent, small changes.

Pretty cool, right?

Bottom line: if you’ve got a website/blog and you want to get more exposure, leads, and sales… keep reading this article to discover 8 SEO tips that will help you increase traffic to your website!


1.) Send Links To Other Websites

If you’re anything like I used to be, you probably find yourself asking…

“How can I increase traffic to my website for free?”

Our first SEO tip to increase traffic to your website is…

Send links to other websites. 

As you’ll see in a bit, building a strong backlink profile is vital to SEO success.

However, many marketers assume that linking readers to other websites will have the opposite effect.

The truth is, linking to websites with content that’s relevant to your readers will improve the quality of your site in the eyes of Google.

This in turn can lead to an improvement in your SEO rankings.

Adding links to sites in your niche will also encourage those sites to return the favor and slowly build your own backlink profile.

Most SEO experts agree this is one of the most important factors in your SEO ranking.

There’s no reason to spam outgoing links just for SEO purposes…

… but you should link resources that could be valuable to your readers whenever possible.


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2.) Grow Your Backlink Profile

A website’s backlink profile is central to its SEO success.


Because a strong backlink profile indicates to search engines that your site is respected in its niche.

Backlink profiles take time, but effective management will help you receive more and more links from a diverse range of high-quality websites.

One easy and effective way to grow your backlink profile is by contacting the webmasters of sites with broken links to similar resources.

If you let them know that their link isn’t working and suggest an alternative, they’ll likely send you a new incoming link (and possibly more in the future).

Growing your backlink profile is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Studying your competitors’ backlink profiles may also help you develop strategies for your own brand.

Learning from companies in your field is a great way to ensure that you don’t fall behind the competition, and there are many programs available to monitor the backlink profiles of other websites.

Se Ranking and Arefs  are two tools you can use to monitor backlinks and rank higher than your competitors.


increase traffic to your website


3.) Don’t Spam Keywords

The third tip to help you get more traffic to your website is…

don’t spam keywords! 

Okay, okay… maybe this isn’t a tip to get you more traffic to your website.

But it is a tip that will prevent you from getting less.

Here’s why…

As marketers became increasingly aware of the importance of SEO in digital marketing…

… more and more of them started fitting keywords in wherever possible in an attempt to outdo other websites.

This tactic – known as “keyword stuffing” – has been associated with other “Black Hat” tactics that Google frowns upon.

If you weren’t aware, keyword stuffing is the act of writing your keyword phrase, over and over again, in a vain attempt to rank higher in the search results.

However, there are two problems with keyword stuffing that you need to be aware of:

1.) Google frowns upon keyword stuffing and they will penalize you when they catch it.

But it’s not just Google who will penalize you for keyword stuffing.

Which brings me to the 2nd problem you’ll face if you try keyword stuffing…

2.) If your readers sense that you’re writing for the search engines in an effort to rank higher in search results…

… they will most likely become less engaged.

When readers become less engaged they become less interested in your content.

And when they become less interested they hit the dreaded “back button” and move onto someone else’s content.


Therefore, it doesn’t serve you, the search engines, or your audience to resort to keyword stuffing.

While keywords can be an important contributor to your SEO rankings, spamming keywords beyond what comes naturally in your content will have the opposite effect.

Your readers will be less engaged in content that’s clearly intended more for an algorithm than a human audience…

… and search engines will be alerted to the low quality of your writing.

Those are two compelling reasons to avoid keyword stuffing at all costs!


4.) Provide Valuable Content

The fourth way to increase traffic to your website is to create valuable content.

Search engine algorithms are designed to show users the web pages most likely to be relevant to their search.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the easiest methods of improving your SEO ranking is simply by consistently publishing unique and engaging content.

I’m talking about content that attracts organic traffic and keeps the attention of your readers.

High-quality content is a great way to separate yourself from your competition.

Additionally, when you create content that immediately grabs your reader’s attention

… you will increase your reader’s engagement.

Anytime you increase your reader’s engagement on a particular blog post, your chances of improving it’s SEO positioning increases.

Furthermore, a steady stream of well-written content will provide predictable traffic for your website and build your backlink profile over time.


5.) Research Keywords

Determining the right keywords for your next blog post may seem simple, but taking the time to do keyword research will more than pay off in the page’s final SEO rankings.

Google Keyword Planner makes it easy to judge the potential value of different keyword options and help you to make the most informed decision possible.

Once you decide on a set of keywords, try to fit them evenly throughout the piece without using them unnaturally or repeating them unnecessarily.

They should be especially prominent in headings and subheadings, as well as the first and last paragraphs of each blog post.

Keywords can also be included in less obvious places, such as…

  1. the alt tag
  2. name of an image
  3. the meta description
  4. the SEO title

Strategic placement of your keywords will help the search engines understand the focus of your blog post.

The better the search engines understand your blog post, the more likely they will share your post in the results of keyword searches.


6.) Fully Optimize Your Website

Our 6th tip to help you increase traffic to your website is to make sure your website is fully optimized.

Regardless of the…

  1. Quality of your content
  2. Thoroughness of your keyword research
  3. Or the strength of your backlink profile

… a website can be held down in the rankings if it isn’t easily accessible to all users.

Depending on the size and needs of your business, you may want to consider outsourcing your web development.

One way to to help optimize your website is to create value rich content such as pillar blog posts.


7.) Grow Your Social Media Presence

Do you ever ask yourself…

“How do I get more organic traffic to my website?”

A strong social media presence is crucial to your brand’s success for a number of reasons, including greater search engine visibility.

Your Facebook page, for example, is an easy way for new users to become acquainted with your brand.

The cool thing is, your Facebook Fan page is often times more accessible than your website.

Additionally, your Facebook page and other social media profiles act as even more places for your brand to appear in searches.

Social media users looking for information relevant to your brand will be more likely to find your Facebook page if you regularly publish valuable content.

Consistently sharing your website content to your Social Media channels will help you get traffic to your website.

The key is to create more high quality, share worthy content in parallel to increasing  your social media presence.


8.) Update Old Content

For those of you who might be asking…

“How can I increase my website traffic without SEO?”

… here’s a really cool tactic that anyone can do.

If you’re writing about a topic that changes often, you likely have a long history of posts containing information that is no longer valuable or relevant for your readers.

Rather than letting these blog posts gather dust and pull down your SEO rankings, consider fixing up those outdated parts of each post and replacing them with more current information.

Look at it this way…

Google (and the other search engines) have the arduous task of sifting through and indexing every web page or piece of content that’s ever been put on the internet.

That’s approximately 19 years worth of websites, web pages, and blog posts.

(Imagine how many old, outdated, or no longer relevant pages there are on the web after all these years?!)

When you update your content, you’re signaling to the search engines that this piece of content is being tended to.

It’s kinda like you’re saying…

“Hey Google, I just added a couple of images, increased the text by 300 words, and updated any outdated information. Therefore, you can feel really good about showing this to people when they search for my keyword phrase.” 

You might be wondering what things you can do to update old content that will have an impact on your search engine positioning?

You can:

  1. Add relevant images
  2. Increase the word count by adding more information
  3. Update old or outdated info

After you’ve updated an old post it’s always best to immediately get it in front of people again.

Posting out on Social Media and emailing it to your email list are two ways to get fresh eyeballs on your updated content.


Final Thoughts On How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Now that you’ve finished reading this article you’re ready to take the right steps to increase traffic to your website.

Let’s review the 8 tips we covered:

  1. Send Links to Other Websites
  2. Grow Your Backlink Profile
  3. Don’t Spam Keywords
  4. Provide Valuable Content
  5. Conduct Keyword Research
  6. Fully Optimize Your Website
  7. Grow Your Social Media Presence
  8. Update Old Content

Remember, improving your brand’s SEO strategies is a long-term project that will require consistent analysis and adaptation.

However, the good news is it’s never too late to get started.

These SEO tactics will help you craft a strong backlink profile and optimize your content for search engine results to the fullest extent possible.

If you’re still not getting as much traffic to your website as you’d hoped, maybe it’s time for us to go to work for YOU!

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Questions? Comments?

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increase traffic to your website

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