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9 Easy Ideas For Instant Content Creation

You know it, and I know it… content is king.

Your content will increase conversions.

Your content will create an offer awareness.

And when done right… your content will establish you as a trusted brand and authority within your industry.

But when you want to come up with ideas for instant content creation, the question that always pops up is…

what kind of content should I create??

Well, keep reading, because in a moment I’m going to reveal to you 9 easy ideas for instant content creation you can use over and over again whenever you want to create new blog content.

By the end of this article, you’ll have 9 valuable content creation ideas that will ensure your creative juices are always flowing and you’re never stuck staring at that blinking cursor again.

Are you ready?

Then let’s get started!


9 Content Creation Ideas

Before we dive into all 9 instant content creation ideas, lets briefly touch on why content creation is so important for your business.

It’s a well-known fact when you create content you’re sharing your knowledge and experience with your audience.

And if it’s good content… you’re giving your reader valuable information.

Overtime… that valuable information you’ve provided will establish you as a trusted authority in the eyes of your audience.

(This is what we call the “Know, Like, Trust” factor)

And when your readers know, like, and trust you… they’ll feel comfortable buying from you!

Furthermore, creating blog content is beneficial for…

  • Lead generation/list building
  • Building your personal brand
  • Customer acquisition/retention

So now that you know how important creating great content is for your brand and your business…

… let’s dive into our 9 ideas for instant content creation!


1.) List Post:

One of the easiest ways for you to come up with instant content creation is to create a “List Post”.

A-List Post is simply a list of…

  • Books
  • Tools
  • Other resources

… that you find useful for your business.

You then create the list and share it with your audience.

It could be… “The Most Critical Tools I Use In My Online Business”


“10 Books All Marketers Should Read” 

Bottom line: people… love… lists!

And if you can provide them a list of things that will make their life easier… they’ll definitely want to read that blog post.


2.) “How To” Article:

A “How To” article is one of the more common blog posts you’ll see.

Just for a moment, think about your own personal Google search habits.

Do you ever go to Google and start your search by typing “How to _______ “?

I know I certainly do.

In fact, there’s a chance you googled “How to write compelling content” or… “how to come up with blog content ideas”…

And that’s how you found this article.

Basically, a “How To” article is when you describe how to do something useful and the process that’s required to do it.

The “How To” post can be based on anything… but you should keep it related to your the needs and interests of your Customer Avatar.

If you can, try to make your “How To” post a step by step process.

This will keep your training focused and linear and will help to prevent you from getting off track and possibly confusing your reader.

For a great example of a “How To” post click here to see “3 Proven Tips On How To Become A Top Affiliate Marketer”.

 instant content creation


3.) Case Study:

A case study is when you describe in detail how someone you know or work with achieved a specific result.

It could be how they used a Facebook ad to generate “x” new customers.

Or how a blog post generated “Y” amount of new leads.

Whatever it is, you briefly share what someone specifically did to achieve the desired result.

You should view a case study as a “mini-training” and a good way to generate interest in your product or service.

Case studies are also useful for giving exposure to people that you work with or who are on your team.


4.) CheckList Post:

Another way for instant content creation is to create a “Checklist Post”.

instant content creation

For example, if your training can be broken down into a specific check list…

… it will help visual or analytical people who crave a step by step process.

Often times, the Checklist  is an easy way for people to learn or digest the information required to accomplish their desired goal.

Here’s a great “Checklist Post” I wrote titled “The 8 Point Lead Magnet Checklist”


5.) Series Post:

A “Series Post” is a post that comes in several parts.

If you have large amount of information to deliver it’s best to break it up into a series of blog posts.

(after all… who’s got time to read a 6,000 word blog post?!?) 

Obviously, you don’t want to short change your readers or “dumb down” your content.

But a typical reader will simply “bail out” if they’re getting bored or your content is taking up too much time.

A “Series Post” can be released over consecutive days or weeks.

It basically splinters your content up into several bite sized pieces that can be more easily digested by your reader.

Plus, you can always tease the next post in the series as a way to create an Open Loop.

The Open Loop will serve to arouse your audience’s curiosity and keep them waiting for the post in the series.

instant content creation


6.) FAQ Article:

Yes, an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article is also considered great content for your blog.

Here’s why:

If you get the same question again and again from prospects or potential customers…

… then it’s clear that many people will have this question.

And if many people have the same question… why not create a piece of content to answer it and move your prospects closer to the sale?

Look at it this way… your FAQ page can serve to help answer questions and overcome potential objections.

Being able to answer questions and overcome objections with your content means you don’t personally have to do it over the phone or face to face.

In other words… a good FAQ page gives you leverage which means you’ll free up time to work on other things.


7.) Interview Post:

One of the more powerful pieces of content you can provide to your audience is an Interview Post.

An “Interview Post” is exactly what it sounds like… you’re interviewing an established and successful person within your niche.

You then take that interview and turn it into a blog post.

Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think to get this person on the phone or Skype for an interview.

If you’re not able to speak with them live, you can always send them a few questions and they’ll respond back with the answers when it’s more convenient for them.

Now you might be worried the person you want to interview is either…

  • Too busy
  • Too important

… and therefore they’ll turn down your interview request.

Fear not!

Here are two ways to strategies to help increase your chances of getting your interview request granted.

  1. Exposure: Let them know they’ll get exposure to a brand new audience that they currently might not be tapping into
  2. Promotion: Give them the opportunity to promote their own website or product at the end of the interview as a “thank you” for granting your interview request

Here’s an example of an “Interview Post” I recently did on “The Biggest Challenges Marketers Face Today”

When positioned the right way, an Interview Post can be a win/win scenario for all parties involved.


8.) Comparison Article:

First of all, everyone on the web compares.

Whether they’re looking for a new dishwasher or an information product you’re selling…

… people use the internet to shop and compare everything!

So why not take advantage of this?

A “Comparison Article” is an article that compares the features and benefits of your own product, service, or company to that of the competition.

To start with you’ll want to compare the main features and characteristics of the products, preferably in a bulleted list.

You’ll also want to clearly state the differences between the two products or services.

Finally, be careful to not just gloat on and on about your own product while only trashing the competition.

This will come across as blatantly one sided and could potentially diminish the trust and good will that you’ve built up with your audience.


9.) Review Post:

Ever bought a product? Used a system? Been to an event?

Of course you have!

So why not write a review on them??

Writing a review on a tool or system you use or an event you attended can accomplish a few things.

  1. Provides useful information to your audience
  2. Helps to promote the product, system, or event (assuming that you add an affiliate link)
  3. Further establishes you as an authority because sit demonstrates you actively use the products or attend the event.

For example, here’s a review we wrote about Elite Marketing Pro which is an Attraction Marketing system we use and promote.

As you’ll see in the above review post, we use lots of images, testimonials, and most importantly…

… we’ve included our affiliate link in the Call To Action.

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Final Thoughts…

So there you have it… 9 easy ideas for instant content creation so you’re not stuck wondering how to create content for your blog.

Remember: keep this article handy at all times as a quick reference guide to help you come up with blog content ideas.

Now that you have these 9 easy ideas for instant content creation you should be well equipped to consistently create content for your audience.

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After going through your new free report you’ll have 24 sneaky hacks to create an endless stream of compelling blog posts that convert ice cold prospects into red hot buyers!

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