What Is Elite Marketing Pro – Why You Should Take Notice

Have you ever wondered what is Elite Marketing Pro and how can it help your business?

Lately we’ve received many phone calls and emails with the question,

“Hey Bill & Michelle, I noticed you’ve been promoting Elite Marketing Pro. What is Elite Marketing Pro and is this a program I should take a look at to help me build my business?”

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We’re going to answer that for you here in a second but before we do….

Let’s give you a brief history of our background with Elite Marketing Pro.

We’ve been a part of Elite Marketing Pro since 2010, back when it was called Magnetic Sponsoring. We have always been a supporter of Elite Marketing Pro but never really actively promoted until we noticed some positive changes to the platform.

Those changes took place in 2014 with the addition of Ferny Ceballos to the already amazing team consisting of Matt Crystal and Tim Erway.

The three of them have done an amazing job hiring on a supportive team to move this company forward.  This is a big reason why we took a second look into the program.

Here are a few things we noticed:

  • The regular weekly trainings are top notch
  • They are focused on helping business owners generate leads through affordable paid traffic
  • Their training (while dialed into that particular strategy) is beneficial to a wide and varied audience.


What Is Elite Marketing Pro And Why?

As you may or may not know, we’re not big fans of free strategies. The truth is, if you only rely on free strategies it will take you a long time to build your business and the growth will be painstakingly slow.

If you are anything like us,  you want to make a profit as quickly as possible when you start your business.  Unfortunately, what most people don’t tell you is that paid traffic is the quickest way to turn a profit.

When asking yourself, “what is Elite Marketing Pro” you need to know first and foremost, they understand the power of paid advertising!

This is one of the reasons we love Elite Marketing Pro and their community!

The leadership team focuses on teaching proven, scalable, paid marketing strategies.

Whether you own a brick & mortar businesses, you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer, direct sales, information marketer, or a service provider you will find a home within this training community.


Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of these Elite Marketing Pro testimonials:


What Is Elite Marketing Pro

I have known Sonny for quite sometime and he has had his up’s and down’s with marketing online.

Sonny also used to wonder what is Elite Marketing Pro but once he finally dove in he started getting results right away!

It’s great to see him having success by committing to the Elite Marketing Pro program.

Since 2014 some changes have taken place for the benefit of the business owner.  As soon as someone takes the $1 trial or commits to paying $37 a month instead of the $1 trial a new member gets the following:

  • Elite Marketing Pro Automated Sales System
  • Commissions On Exclusive Elite Marketing Pro Products
  • Traffic Generation & Marketing Tools
  • Capture Page Creator Pro
  • Authority Blogging System Pro
  • Private Mastermind Group
  • Exclusive Elite Training
  • BONUS: Free What’s Working Now Subscription


More testimonials from Elite Marketing Pro Members

What Is Elite Marketing Pro


What Is Elite Marketing Pro?


As you can see, Elite Marketing Pro has a variety of programs all depending on what direction you want to take your business.

Here are some of the programs at a glance:

IGNITE: Launch A New Business

Are you unsure about how to get started online? Their flagship Ignition Coaching Program is the fastest way to start building the ultimate “lifestyle business.” Specifically designed for new entrepreneurs, Ignition offers a complete, step-by-step curriculum and coaching to help you make money fast, even if you don’t have a product to sell and don’t know the first thing about online business.

Acceleration: Take An Existing Business Online

Do you already have a business, but you’re not sure how to leverage the Internet to create more sales? The Acceleration Mentorship Program is specifically geared toward those who want to maximize their results. Utilizing their proprietary traffic generation, lead generation and automated sales-generating marketing systems, you’ll be able to create – and maintain — a leveraged portable online income.

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?


Once a member of Elite Marketing Pro you can find a suite of products such as:


  • What Is Elite Marketing Pro

Become part of the most sought-after internet marketing system and community on the planet. Elite Marketing Pro empowers you to build your online business empire.

  • The Ultimate Email Profit Machine

Discover the #1 secret of how we generated over $30,000,000 of online sales. Believe it or not, it has nothing at all to do with pay per click marketing, or SEO or banner ads. This one skill lets you generate cash on demand, just like we do.

  • The YouTube Traffic Code

Discover how you can quickly start generating the most responsive and ready to buy leads…100% free. Scores of people post to YouTube, but only a handful understand how to turn them into profit producing machines. We’ll show you exactly how!

  • The YouTube Traffic Blueprint

This new report reveals why it’s never been easier to flood your website with FREE laser-targeted traffic like this. Quickly gain maximum search engine exposure and visibility, build a powerful brand, and attract more qualified prospects.

  • The Ultimate Sales Conversion System

Here’s how to close more sales using webinars, sales letters and video sales letters. Complete checklists, templates and step-by-step videos to help you construct your sales machine!

  • The Ultimate List Building System

Everything you need to capture your traffic, grow your list and create an automated follow-up system that gets you sales. The Ultimate List Building System includes proven and tested capture page templates and fill-in-the-blank headlines, bullet points, and video scripts so you can hit the ground running…FAST.

  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel

Would you like to see every single system we’ve used to build 4 separate internet companies that have generated in excess of $30,000,000.00 in online sales? Watch as Tim Erway delivers soup-to-nuts how to start from scratch and build an insanely profitable online business!

  • The 90 Minute Profit Machine

Discover the quickest and the easiest way possible to create a cash-flow surge in your business… and how to make more money in 90 minutes than most people make in a month.

  • Branded Traffic Formula

Watch how our friend Ray went from zero to six-figures with this FREE traffic source…and how you can too in as little as 22 minutes a day! It’s the single best way to get LOTS of super high-quality traffic without spending a dime.


So if you’re anything like us and you’re looking for great training strategies to help you build your business online then CHECK OUT ELITE MARKETING PRO to see how it can help you:

  1. Generate More Leads
  2. Get More Sales
  3. Make More Commissions



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