The Biggest Challenges Marketers Face Today

challenges marketers face

What do you think are the biggest challenges marketers face today?

Is it traffic?

Getting quality leads?

Growing your email list?

In this article I’ve assembled 4 of the most influential marketers in the home business and online marketing space…

… and I asked each of them the exact same question;

“What are the biggest challenges marketers face today?”

Their answers were brutally honest and you might be surprised by what they had to say.


So let’s dive in shall we?


The Biggest Challenges Marketers Face Today

The 4 marketers I had the privilege of interviewing are…

  1. Vince Reed
  2. Ferny Ceballos
  3. Norbert Orlewicz
  4. Todd Falcone

These guys are smart, savvy, and in the marketing trenches each and every day.

They’re up to date on the latest trends and business growth strategies but at the same time…

… they’re also working hand in glove with countless new marketers.

Teaching and mentoring is a way of life for these 4 marketers so lean in and pay attention because the information shared in this article is priceless.

We begin with Vince Reed…


Vince Reed

biggest challenges marketers Vince Reed:

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges marketers face today?

“Two things…


1.) Most entrepreneurs “Expectations Do NOT Match Their Expertise”  meaning most are not willing to sit in the fire long enough to acquire the skill sets to get what it is that they want.
2.)  They look for ingredients instead of focussing on the recipe…. meaning they look for the 1 thing (Traffic Will Solve My Problems) that will make everything work instead of focussing on following a specific set of policies and procedures that create predictable and scaleable results.”


What advice would you give them right now to overcome that challenge?”


“Simple… Mentorship and Execution…
Anyone can find a mentor but the great ones understand the power of “speed of implementation”!”


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Ferny Ceballos

biggest challenges marketers Ferny Ceballos:

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges marketers face today?

“When I started in the online marketing space back in 2006, there were definitely advantages and disadvantages compared to today’s internet marketing landscape.
The advantage back then was that there weren’t as many options.  The landscape wasn’t as noisy, but we still had our fair share of shiny object syndrome going on.  And marketing was much simpler, since the effect of social media hadn’t really taken hold.  It was a much more pure direct response type of world.
You would run an ad on Google, where people are actively looking to solve a problem and they tell Google what that problem is. You show your ad based on their search phrase. They click and go to a capture page offering a ‘lead magnet’. They opt-in. They buy your stuff. Email them more stuff to buy. Rinse repeat and the primary channel for communication was email. Video was sparingly used.
Today, the marketing process is more complex, because most successful ads today are run on social media, which has a completely different psychology to it. You form communities not just through your email list, but through all social media channels which can be daunting, but once you get it, it actually becomes more powerful than what we had back in the day.”


What advice would you give them right now to overcome that challenge?


“Video is central to communication and relationship building today.
The disadvantage relative to today is that the industry was smaller and thus, there were fewer tools to help us with the technical side of things. We had to learn how to code HTML or PHP or find someone who could help us code up websites & funnels.  
Today, there are an abundance of tools which empower us to build and launch websites & funnels rather quickly.
I’d say overall, today offers new marketers more opportunities for success, but the learning curve is a little higher.”
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Norbert Orlewicz

biggest challenges marketers Norbert Orlewicz:

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges marketers face today?

“I believe that one of the biggest challenges that new and even experienced marketers still face today is something that many of us can relate to; the challenge of focus and consistency.

Every year there is more and more information to consume. Every month there are new social media platforms, new strategies, new programs, new launches, new tools, new gimmicks and new hacks to help you grow your online business.

Every day we get bombarded by emails, ads and updates of the latest changes, fresh updates and newly discovered secrets to get more traffic, leads and sales.

Most marketers actually know all they need to know when it comes to the how-to of making money online.

The challenge is understanding how all of these many different pieces actually fit together into a cohesive and effective marketing strategy.

And I think that’s where the big difference lies between those that struggle and those that create success.”

What advice would you give them right now to overcome that challenge?


“Stop… Stand back… Take a breath… Relax.

You know enough.

You just need to create a simple plan that you can follow and execute over a period of time on a consistent basis.

So create your plan. Create your daily and weekly method of operations. And focus on just the 3 most important steps at the foundation of all successful online marketers.

1. Build Your Audience

2. Engage Your Audience

3. Sell to Your Audience

Create your plan by deciding on:

1. Which activities will I do to consistently and constantly build my audience and when will I do them

2. Which activities will I do to consistently and constantly engage with my audience and when will I do them

3. Which activities will I do to consistently and constantly sell to my audience, what will I sell them and when will I sell them

There’s your plan. No go out and execute for the next 90 days.”


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Todd Falcone

biggest challenges marketers

Todd Falcone:

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges marketers face today?

“I think one of the biggest challenges facing online marketers today is the speed at which things change. Something that was highly effective yesterday, barely works today.” 

What advice would you give them right now to overcome that challenge?

“So… the one piece of advice I’d have for online marketers is to stay ahead of the pace of change as best as you can. Be a never ending student… and you won’t be as likely to be left in the dust and no longer be relevant.”

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Final Thoughts

Well there you have it!

Expert advice from 4 great business building experts.

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Challenges Marketers face

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