How to Curate Content For Facebook

One of the most significant challenges faced by a social media marketer is how to curate content.

Though there are a lot of options available online to get content ideas, curating the content that grabs the attention of your audience is a challenge.

If you are going to curate content, the content should be such that it not only gets proper engagement from the audience…

… but also helps in generating leads and making sales.

Here are 7 ways to curate content for Facebook.


Then let’s dive in!


1.) Use Content Discovery Tools

There are a lot of tools available online like BuzzSumo, Feedly, and DrumUp that provide content ideas.

All you do is key in some keywords, and the tool will provide you with content about that keyword.

You share the content and come up with your own version for your Facebook page.

Some of these are free tools whereas some others are paid ones. You can select the one that suits your business needs to help you curate content.

2.) Follow Authoritative Sites

By subscribing to the newsletter or RSS feed of authoritative sites or blogs in your niche, you will come across various interesting content.

The main advantage of this method is that content is delivered right to your inbox without having to browse the search engine.

This method not only saves time but also provide you with informational content.


3.) Follow Influencers

Every segment of the business will have a thought leader or influencer.

By following these thought leaders or influencers on Facebook, you will be able to come across the latest news or events about your business.

You can then use this information to come up with unique content.



4.) Work On Old Posts

Go through Facebook analytics and figure out the posts that received good engagement in the past.

You can then re-work on the post and come up with unique content.

For example, if you recently posted an infographic about a particular topic and the piece of content received good engagement, you could now come up with an article on the same topic.

This type of content is likely to receive good engagement also based on past analytics.


5.) Set Google Alert

Set up a google alert with the keyword or topic you are most interested in.

Google will then email you a daily or weekly list of articles about the topic or keyword.

You can then use this article as a base to come up with new content.


6.) Use Facebook

Sometimes Facebook itself acts as the source for curating content.

For this, follow some pages in your niche with a good number of followers and engagement.

Go through their posts and figure out the ones that have received good engagement.

Write those post topics down and create your own version or even consider creating an infographic.

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7.) Listen to Your Audience

Sometimes you will find that your audience will ask you questions or on a particular topic.

These questions can be taken as a base to curate content.

For example,  if you are a digital marketing firm and one of your readers asks you a question about Google ranking, you can come up with an article related to Google ranking.

Maybe you are an affiliate marketer and one of your readers is asking about how to rank blog posts, you can then do the same and create an article or video based on that question.

Curating content is a mix of creativity and knowledge.

If you can mix both in the right proportion, you will be able to come up with unique content for Facebook.


Final Thoughts: Curate Content For Facebook

In conclusion, there are 7 main ways to curate content for Facebook.

  1. Use content discovery tools
  2. Follow authoritative sites
  3. Follow influencers
  4. Work on old posts
  5. Set a Google alert
  6. Use Facebook
  7. Listen to your audience


After reading this blog post you’re now ready to discover how to…

  • Create an irresistible brand
  • Gain massive influence
  • Attract new leads & customers from Facebook fast

… all without the fear of blowing through your advertising budget!


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