3 Proven Tips On How To Be A Top Affiliate Marketer

How To Be A Top Affiliate Marketer

Have you ever wondered how to be a top affiliate marketer?

Or have you ever asked…

“What do top affiliates do that other affiliates don’t do?”

Some people might say that top affiliates take massive action and THAT’S the big difference.

If this is how you answered then you’re only partially correct.

While it’s true, top affiliates do take massive action…

… that’s not what separates them from the rest of the affiliates out there. 

What separates top affiliates from the other 99% are 3 specific factors.

They are…

  1. Positioning Devices
  2. Original Content
  3. Branded Sales Funnels

Because of these 3 factors, top affiliates distinguish themselves from the rest of the affiliate pack.

As a result, they become more trusted and more valuable in the eyes of potential prospects. 

The cool thing is, after reading this article you’ll know exactly what these 3 factors are AND how to use them so you can become a top affiliate marketer too.

So if you want to learn how to be a top affiliate marketer then keep reading.

Sound good?

Then let’s dive in!


How To Be A Top Affiliate Marketer

I’ll get into how to be a top affiliate marketer in a second, but first I’m going to share with you a secret that all top affiliate marketers know. 

Top affiliates know they need to stand out head and shoulders above all other affiliates.

They also know how critical it is to their success to not blend in with the crowd or be perceived as “just another marketer”.

If you want to know how to be a top affiliate marketer you’ve got to answer these 3 questions.

  1. Why should someone choose to do business with me?
  2. What do I offer that’s different?
  3. What do I bring to the table that others don’t?


 “To be a top Affiliate Marketer you’ve got to stand out heads & shoulders above all other affiliates!” 

Think about this for a moment…

Most affiliates just grab their affiliate link and start promoting it.

They copy and paste their affiliate link all over social media or perhaps they buy some clicks from solo ad vendor.

But here’s the challenge and why for most people none of that works.

  1. The primary problem is they’re not getting enough exposure to their brand or their offer
  2. Other people view them as a rookie marketer or even worse… a “spammer”.
  3. Many of the solo ad or click vendors out there have low quality traffic sources (low or no conversions)
  4. The affiliate ends up with more headache, frustration, and embarrassment then they began with.

If your strategy is to do the same thing everyone else is doing then you don’t stand much of a chance separating yourself from the pack.

Instead, you need to look closely at what the very best affiliate marketers are doing and then replicate their blueprint.


It’s A Mad World

Look, we live in an over communicated world.

Each day we’re being bombarded with different messages, images, and advertisements no matter where we are.

Heck… I can’t even go to the Men’s room in a restaurant without having an advertisement staring me right in the face when I go to the bathroom.

Funny thing is… we’ve become immune and desensitized to most of the messaging and advertisements that we see.

Therefore, if you’re doing the same thing the masses are doing,  you’ll quickly find yourself in a sinking ship that’s taking on water.

But don’t worry!

I’m about to unmask 3 proven strategies that enabled us to be amongst the top earners and affiliates in 3 different affiliate programs…

… and now you can use these strategies too!


Then let’s dive in!


Tip #1: Positioning Devices

The first thing that top affiliates do better than just about everyone else is they have their own positioning devices.

If you’re not sure what that means then here is the definition from Entrepreneur.com

How you differentiate yourself, your product or your service from that of your competitors.
Positioning helps establish your brand identity within the eyes of your audience.

In other words… positioning devices position you as an authority and an expert in the eyes of your audience.

This is a HUGE difference between a top affiliate marketer and 99% of all other affiliates.

Successful affiliates will have their own positioning device on the front end of any funnel or offer.

The positioning devices will also be woven into their branding and marketing.

Examples of positioning devices that top affiliates have are:

  • Their own products
  • Their own Ebook
  • Their own Lead Magnets
  • Their own membership program

Basically, by developing their own positioning devices and using them at the front end of their funnels, the top affiliate marketers are creating a competitive advantage for themselves.

By distinguishing themselves from other marketers, they make it an easier choice for their audience to click on their link and/or choose to work with them.

Furthermore, due to the creation of the various positioning devices, the top affiliate is letting their audience know they’re legit.



There’s an implicit “guru” status and an authority factor that comes with having these positioning devices.

Naturally, the top affiliate that utilizes these positioning devices will be more influential and will attract more people than the average affiliate who has no positioning devices.

But here’s the rub… even though creating positioning devices is critical and makes you more influential…

… it also come with a cost.

“Use Positioning Devices to distinguish yourself from other marketers and give yourself unique value in the marketplace”

Creating these positioning devices can be extremely time consuming.

In fact, I’ve seen many marketers get so bogged down trying to create their own positioning devices that they end up getting overwhelmed, frustrated and they ultimately quit or go out of business.

However, Michelle and I have created a way for marketers to have their own positioning devices without dealing with all the hassle, effort, and energy of creating them yourself.

More on that in a minute.


Tip #2: Create Your Own Content

The 2nd thing that all top affiliate marketers know is… content is King.
The top affiliate marketers are constantly creating their own content.
Why?  How To Be A Top Affiliate Marketer
Simply put… content positions you as an authority.

Furthermore creating your own content…

  • Creates offer awareness
  • Builds your brand and credibility
  • Creates trust and loyalty with your audience

In short, creating your own content establishes the critical Know, Like, and Trust factor that is required if you want to become a top affiliate marketer.

Great content creates an audience.

When you create an audience (because of your good content) you create the ability to advertise to that audience.


Great Content = Audience = Ability To Advertise Your Affiliate Offer


Listen, in order to have an audience, you need to have good content.

So if you want to know how to be a top affiliate marketer with the ability to promote your affiliate offer…

… you need to have an audience.

For example, let’s say we have two affiliate marketers who are promoting the exact same affiliate offer.

Marketer 1: Posts his link all over his own Facebook page as well as spams it into various Facebook groups.

He hypes it up and uses terms like “ground floor opportunity” and “life changing” and other overused cliches to describe his opportunity.

Marketer 2: Creates informative and engaging content that:

  • Uncovers a marketing pain
  • Amplifies what will happen if you don’t fix that pain
  • Demonstrates the ability to overcome that pain through their own experiences
  • Provides a solution to fix the pain
  • Shares a clear Call To Action for their audience to get access to the solution

Of these two marketers… whose link would you click?

Who would you rather be associated with or learn from?

Marketer 1, who is spamming his link all over town, fingers crossed that someone finally clicks on his link and takes him up on his offer..


Marketer 2, who is clearly providing value to their audience in a way that is helpful, informative, and not pushy or “spammy”.

I think it’s safe to say that Marketer 2 will have a lot more people clicking their link and therefore will get more conversions and make more affiliate commissions. 

The bottom line is you need to create good content that will attract an audience so you can promote your offers to them.

However, there is an enormous amount of pressure to create good original content all the time.  

“Creating your own content allows you to build an audience and then promote your offers to that audience.”

Furthermore, trying to create new interesting stories that engage your audience is time consuming and expensive.

Ultimately distracting you from what you should be doing…. turning a profit!

But what if you could bypass the content creation process altogether…

… while still sharing valuable and informative content that will engage your audience and sell your affiliate offer for you?

In other words… what if you could leverage content that other people write for you to promote your affiliate marketing offer?

Do you think that would save you time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business?

Absolutely it would!

how to be a top affiliate marketer


Tip #3: Branded Sales Funnel

How To Be A Top Affiliate Marketer

The 3rd and final aspect of affiliate marketing that all top affiliate marketers have is a branded sales funnel.

In other words, a sales funnel where the affiliate’s name, face and even their voice is woven into each component of the sales funnel.

Consider this… most affiliate programs will provide a standard sales funnel for their affiliates to use.

While this is nice for the company to do and helpful for new affiliates, there are a few problems with this.

  1. The funnel is branding the company and generically selling the affiliate offer
  2. 99% of the affiliates are using this same funnel which could lead to market saturation
  3. Because 99% of other affiliates are using the same funnel there is nothing unique about you when you use it

Once again, the average affiliate marketer is blending in with the rest of the crowd and their message is getting lost in that barrage of advertising and messaging that I talked about earlier.

Bottom line – while it’s a nice place to start…

… using the company funnel is no way to stand out from the crowd and become a top affiliate marketer.

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Simply put, if you want to have success in affiliate marketing you’ve got to have a branded sales funnel.

You might be wondering what a branded sales funnel entails.

Basically, it’s where you create the…

  • Lead magnet
  • Capture Page
  • Thank You page
  • Trip Wire offer (ideal but not mandatory)
  • Email Follow Up sequence

Each of these different phases of the funnel will have your name, your face, your voice contained within.

So in essence, every step of the funnel the new lead is getting exposed to you in some way or another.

Obviously this is quite different from the company’s sales funnel where your name, face, or voice wont be seen or mentioned at all.

“A branded Sales Funnel puts you in front of your prospect at all stages of the sales process.” 

You won’t be in any of the videos.

The follow up emails won’t come from you.

You’re basically out of the picture towards the beginning of the process and as a result, the prospect has probably forgotten about you.

As you can see, this is a huge difference from a branded sales funnel that the top affiliates use.

We don’t want anyone to forget about us.

Therefore we’ll create a branded sales funnel that has our names, faces, and voices contained throughout every step of the sales funnel process.

See the difference?

How To Be A Top Affiliate Marketer: What Next?

By now you now know that all top affiliate marketers…
  • Have their own positioning devices
  • Create their own original content
  • Utilize branded sales funnels

So where does that leave you now?

Well, you could take the time and effort to create the positioning devices, original content, and branded sales funnels on your own.

However, that could take months (if not years) to accomplish and there’s no guarantee that once created they’d perform well. (which will set you back even further)

You’re other option is to leverage our never before seen 7 Figure Freedom Formula that Michelle and I have used to become top affiliates in 3 separate affiliate marketing platforms. how to be a top affiliate marketer

Within the 7 Figure Freedom Formula you’ll get everything I’ve discussed here today that is required to become a top affiliate marketer.

Specifically, you’ll get…

  • Positioning devices that will make you unique and allow you to provide more value to your audience
  • Informative, engaging content that you can promote and share whenever you want
  • Your affiliate links will be contained within these blog posts (everyone that reads them will be cookied to you)
  • A branded sales funnel to build your brand and establish YOU as the authority
  • And so much more!

So if you’ve ever wondered how the top affiliates run their business and you’d like to start running yours the same way…

Then check out the 7 Figure Freedom Formula right now and see the difference it makes for you, your brand, and your business.

CLICK HERE to find out how the 7 Figure Freedom Formula will show you how to be a top affiliate marketer!

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