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Bill Pescosolido is a Certified Content Marketing Specialist and is in charge of the content and email marketing for Pescosolido Marketing LLC. Prior to joining his wife Michelle in their digital marketing business Bill spent 16 years in Corporate America in sales and consulting roles.

MLM Recruiting Tips: How to increase your conversions.

In today's MLM recruiting tips video we talk about how to increase your conversions with your prospects. MLM Recruiting Tips: When you're prospecting you want to make sure you're including an action step in your conversation. For example: Let's schedule a call for sometime this week. We can talk at 1 or 2pm, always give [...]

MLSP Mastery: Testimonial

So what is MLSP Mastery and how can it help you build your MLM business? MLSP is an amazing tool that every business owner should have! So what is MLSP? Take a look at the video below! MLSP Mastery: MLSP is an online and marketing platform that will train you on how you can become [...]

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MLM Prospecting: Active Listenting

In today's can't miss MLM Prospecting video I talk about the importance of being an active listener when conducting your MLM prospecting and how most people LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE by not doing these two simple strategies I share in this video!! MLM Prospecting: Here's the problem most people face when conducting their mlm [...]

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MLSP Review: What is My Lead System Pro?

In this video I discuss what MLSP is and give you a full blown MLSP Review. If you're struggling to build your business check out MLSP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvzzLBlpHdk What is My Lead System Pro: To find out what is My Lead System Pro click HERE. MLSP is a online marketing and training platform that shows [...]

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MLM Prospecting Tips: What you can do to become better at prospecting.

In today's MLM prospecting tips video we discuss how you can become better at the prospecting process and I coach you on how to establish rapport immediately with your prospects. Prospecting and calling leads is already hard enough but if you're NOT establishing rapport with your leads OR if you don't know how to establish rapport [...]

MLM Prospecting: How To Prospect The Right Way.

In today's MUST SEE video I discuss the dreaded and feared topic of....PROSPECTING!!! How to become a master at MLM prospecting. That's right, prospecting. You know... the thing that keeps you up at night and makes you want to curl up in the fetal position when you're faced with having to do it.  It's easy [...]

MLM Tips: How To Overcome Your Fears and Take MASSIVE Action!

In today's MLM tips video I want to talk about how you can overcome your fears and start taking massive action today in your business. Watch the video below: MLM Tips: Often times people are held back because they feel like they have no idea what they're doing, when in reality they fear the outcome [...]