MLM Recruiting: How to share your story. You want to be able to master this MLM recruiting skill in order to grow your business.

MLM Recruiting:

How do you craft your story, why did you join your MLM company, or how long have you been involved in MLM? So a story has 3 parts, a before, a middle and an after, there’s the pain (before), the reason you joined your MLM (the middle), and the benefit you gained from joining your MLM (The testimonial).

When you’re MLM recruiting you want to be sure that you’ve crafted your story accordingly. Be passionate about your story, and own it, so that when you’re prospecting you can share this story with your prospects. Remember that since we all have our own story you may find that you need to tweak your story accordingly, perhaps you’re talking to one person about your MLM products, you would want to share your story in a way that shows how your MLM products have changed your life for the better. Perhaps you’re talking to a different prospect about the time freedom that you’ve gotten from being in MLM, then you would change your story for that prospect to match what their pain points or desires are in their MLM career.

There’s really no wrong way to share your story with your prospects as long as you cover the 3 main points which are the pain you had before you started your business, the reason your joined your MLM company, and then the testimonial and benefits you have obtained since joining. By taking these 3 parts when sharing your story with your prospects you will be able to convey to them how your business can help impact their life.

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