MLM Recruiting Tips – In this video I discuss how you make one simple shift in your mindset to increase your mlm recruiting and build your business more successfully.

MLM Recruting Tips:

Have you ever had a fear of picking up the phone? Does your phone sometimes feel like it weighs 20 lbs???

With these mlm recruiting tips I share with you exactly how coming from a position of helping rather than selling will allow you to ditch the fear and increase your mlm recruiting.

I share with you how focusing on your prospect and their needs rather than your agenda will allow you to become a master of mlm recruiting all while shattering you fear of mlm recruiting.

By using these very MLM recruiting tips I’ve become one of the top recruiters in our MLM company.

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MLM Tips:

You want to make sure that you’re comfortable with sharing your business opportunity with others. It’s easy to be scared to pick up the phone and make those calls when you’re uncomfortable with prospecting process.

Forget about sounding perfect when your MLM recruiting, you have to be able to come into the conversation and be able to discover the pain points of your prospects. Ask open ended questions like: How’s are you building your business? How do you generate leads? How long have you been in the industry? What are your struggles with building your business?

You want to take a consultative approach to your prospecting process when MLM recruiting, this will help you communicate better with your prospects and not feel like you’re trying to sell them something. As long as you lead with a real value proposition you should always have success.

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