In today’s MLM recruiting tips video we talk about how to increase your conversions with your prospects.

MLM Recruiting Tips:

When you’re prospecting you want to make sure you’re including an action step in your conversation. For example: Let’s schedule a call for sometime this week. We can talk at 1 or 2pm, always give them a THIS or THAT option so that your prospect feels that they are being given choices in the conversation. When you’re trying to prospect you need to make sure you schedule the next conversation.

Sometimes your prospect might say something like “Let me call you back in a few days” then you never hear back from them, and you may struggle with whether you should call them is something that you might struggle with. You need to be in control of the process, allow the prospect to have some input in the conversation but don’t let them control the process.

MLM Recruiting Tips:

Always make sure you ask open ended questions when prospecting, try to get to know more about what your prospects are going through, try to determine  what their pain points are and take a consultative approach to your conversation with your prospects. Try to resolve their pain points by providing solutions that can help them grow their business. Try not to be pushy and instead try to truly listen to them and acknowledge that you’re listening by repeating what you say to them. This is important because your prospects need to feel comfortable with you and they need to know that you’re truly vested in helping them and not just trying to pitch them on your MLM business. In order to do this you have to provide value, you may be thinking “Well I don’t have value” but when you’re prospecting you need to realize that you do have value, you have your experience and your knowledge.

When I started I used a system called MLSP, this system has FREE training you can give away to your prospects to provide value to them, not only will this help them in their business but it will position you as a leader. If you want to learn more about MLSP click HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this MLM recruiting tips video!

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