In today’s MUST SEE video I discuss the dreaded and feared topic of….PROSPECTING!!! How to become a master at MLM prospecting.

That’s right, prospecting. You know… the thing that keeps you up at night and makes you want to curl up in the fetal position when you’re faced with having to do it.  It’s easy to feel like the phone ways a hundred pounds when you’re trying to prospect your leads.

Take a look at this MLM prospecting video below to see how you can become a master at telephone prospecting.

Most people make prospecting out to be much more difficult than it really is. They look at prospecting and think they have to “sell” their prospect and be perfect with their pitch.

The idea of MLM prospecting:

You want to determine how you can help your prospects. Find out what their pain points are, where they are struggling, and how you can help them achieve success if they join your team, or if you’re able to mentor them and succeed in their business.  MLM prospecting can be a challenge if you’re not sure how you should proceed when calling your leads.

Always go into the calls by peeling away the layers of the onion, let your prospect share their struggles, find out what they are looking for and if it falls into what you have to offer them then provide a solution to their pain and their struggles and introduce them to your system, or your plan of action, etc.

However in this MUST WATCH MLM Prospecting video I dispel the myths about prospecting and uncover the truth about what prospecting really should be!

So if you’re looking to learn how EASY prospecting can really be then you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!!!

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