In today’s MLM recruiting video we go over how to maintain your posture during the prospecting process. Instead of a YES or NO question you want to ask THIS or THAT questions.

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MLM Recruiting Tips:

So one of the things I see that people do is that they’re using yes or no questions during the MLM recruiting process. Example: Is it okay if I send you a presentation? Or is it okay if I set up a 3 way call with my upline? You’re asking yes or no questions which then gives your prospect the ability to say NO.. Now here’s the tweak, or easy fix. Instead of asking “Is it okay if I send you a presentation?” ask “Hey I am gonna send you a presentation, which email address do you want me to send it to? Your personal email or your business email? OR Hey I am gonna set up a 3 way call with my upline, which day is best Wednesday or Thursday?, or Hey I am gonna send you some samples, do you want me to mail them to you or drop them off?

By doing this it allows you to maintain your posture, you’re giving them choices which is important when you’re MLM recruiting because you want your prospects to FEEL like they’re in control of the conversation but during the entire conversation you’ve already mapped out and identified questions you can ask that will lead them down the path you’ve chosen for them. While this may seem easier said than done it’s important that you know HOW you’re going to ask questions prior to picking up the phone so that you maintain your posture.

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