In today’s MLM prospecting video I want to discuss how to deal with a difficult prospect. Take a look below!

MLM Prospecting

How do you handle speaking to a prospect who has a lot of questions? Are they really wanting to know the answer to these questions or are they just tire kickers? Sometimes people as questions just for the sake of asking questions. Perhaps they have a lot a questions about the compensation plan to your MLM etc. Or they just want to send you off to go get answers, then you come back and now all of a sudden they have another question. The problem with this is that your prospect is in control of the conversation and you’ve become nothing more than an information gatherer.

So how do you turn this around?

When you’re MLM prospecting you need to make sure that you’re in control of the conversation. You have to not be addicted to the outcome, when you’ve freed yourself from the outcome you can then prospect without fear of loss. It’s not worth having some people on your team. If they’re a pain in the neck during the recruiting process then they will probably be a pain as your downline as well.

You also need to make sure that you’re when you’re MLM prospecting that you talk to your prospects in a way where they understand you’re in control of the conversation. Answer their question with a question. For example: Ask them “Why is having all the details to the comp plan most important to you?” they might have a great answer etc, ask them something like “If I get you the answer to these questions, are you ready to move forward with joining this business?”

This will allow you to gauge just how hot this prospect is to join your MLM. Hope you enjoyed this MLM Prospecting video.

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