In today’s can’t miss MLM Prospecting video I talk about the importance of being an active listener when conducting your MLM prospecting and how most people LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE by not doing these two simple strategies I share in this video!!

MLM Prospecting:

Here’s the problem most people face when conducting their mlm prospecting; they’re too eager to share how great their products, company, comp plan are and they’re NOT listening to their prospects. You have 2 ears for a reason to it’s important that you listen when you’re MLM prospecting. Active listening will help you build rapport and establish trust with each one of your prospects. By establishing trust and rapport you have a higher probability of taking that prospect and guiding them down the road that you’ve pre-determined for them. When MLM prospecting it’s important that you listen to what your prospect says and let them know you’re listening by repeating back their concerns BEFORE you provide the solution to their concerns. This will show your prospect that you are a good listener and are actively engaged in their conversation and trying to find a solution to their pain points.

In this MUST SEE video I share exactly how to NOT ONLY listen to your prospects but ALSO be an active listener so that you can not only understand your prospects concerns but also establish RAPPORT and TRUST at the same time!!

So if you’re having a hard time with your mlm prospecting and you feel your prospects don’t trust then you can’t afford to not WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!!!

But don’t take my word for it… find out by watching the video!

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Hope you enjoyed this MLM prospecting video!

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