In today’s MLM prospecting tips video we discuss how you can become better at the prospecting process and I coach you on how to establish rapport immediately with your prospects.

Prospecting and calling leads is already hard enough but if you’re NOT establishing rapport with your leads OR if you don’t know how to establish rapport then YOU’RE DEAD IN THE WATER!! In this MUST SEE MLM prospecting tips video I coach on exactly what I do EVERY TIME I reach out to a lead or a prospect to immediately and effectively establish rapport and get my prospect to open up and let their guard down.  So if you’re wondering how to establish rapport with your prospects OR you’re looking for MLM prospecting tips then you can’t afford to not WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!!

MLM prospecting tips:

Prospecting is a process, generally it follows a common flow every time you do it. You want to begin with discovery, asking open ended questions to your prospects, get them to talk about themselves as much as possible. Make sure you always as for permission to speak with them when you call. Maybe they’re busy, or have kids running around and are not able to give you their full attention. If they’re busy that’s okay just ask them for a better time for you to call them. Remember don’t pitch your prospects from the get go, build a rapport with them first, get to know them, what makes them tick, their struggles, pain points, keep probing them and asking open ended questions so you can determine how to best serve them.

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Hope you enjoyed this video on MLM prospecting tips.

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