Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue

What is Empire Avenue & Can it Help Promote Your Brand?

First off, let me get you excited and tell you YES Empire Avenue will help boost awareness of your brand.  Details in just a moment, but first you might be asking what is Empire Avenue?

Empire Avenue is a game platform where you earn virtual currency for being social.  In a nutshell the more social you are, the more virtual currency you will earn and the bigger your Empire will become. You can use your virtual currency to invest in people and brands on the Empire Avenue social stock market, reward people for engaging with your content, buy luxury items that show off your virtual wealth, and a whole lot more.

My advice, invest in people on the platform that you know engage in social media via Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and Linkedin because those are the individuals who will have a greater increase in value which means your portfolio value will be increasing.

As your Empire grows, you’ll gain more followers, fans and subscribers on Empire Avenue.  The game rewards social interaction across the web in a fun environment. What’s cool is you can drive traffic to your web page, Twitter profile, Facebook Page, YouTube channel anything that’s important to you. Empire Avenue will also give you insights into how your social networking is helping you grow your online Empire!

I just recently stumbled upon this social network about a week ago and couldn’t really figure out the purpose of buying stock in people but I kept seeing popular brands playing and buying my stocks like, Randy Gage and Art Jonak.

So you might be asking how can this networking community help promote your brand.  Well, after days of trying to figure out the purpose behind Empire Avenue and knowing that their had to be some reason why big brands were on there, I finally found the answer!

It’s all in the missions you can create.

Here’s what I discovered….

As I was looking through the pages of missions I could take on I ran, once again, across Randy Gage and Art Jonak’s missions.  They were asking people to view their videos and/or other content and in return they would pay out x amount in play money that has been earned on Empire Avenue.

My wheels immediately started to turn and the ideas started flooding my mind.  My brain was about to explode with excitement.  I set up my very first mission.

I offered to pay out 500 eaves (play money I had earned) to anyone who clicked “like” on the URL I provided.  Well those of you who don’t know me should know I am a Facebook Marketer and that URL was the URL to my Facebook Fan page.  I immediately had over 100 new “likes” within 1 hour all by asking and offering up money I had made on this silly game.

So what I discovered is this silly little game has some major advantages.  If you are a brand or content creator you gotta get in the game and let Empire Avenue reward you by driving traffic to your content.  Not to mention increase your social presence.

Empire Avenue Missions are just one of the many ways you can tap into their virtual, social economy to get real results. Here’s what you can do with Missions:

  • Drive traffic to your web sites
  • Reward engagement in a fun, game-powered environment
  • Build loyalty among your existing fans
  • Increase your audience by attracting new followers, fans and subscribers to your various social media outlets 

Right now I hear at Empire Avenue that missions are currently in Beta testing, with limited access to mission creation but right now I see some huge advantages to bribing your following on Empire Avenue with play money.

Creating a mission on Empire Avenue is easy:

  1. Choose a link you want people to visit. It could be your website, Twitter page, Facebook page, a YouTube video – anything.
  2. Set a reward that people will get when they click. You’ll use the virtual currency you’re already earning on Empire Avenue.
  3. Watch the hits roll in! Every user who visits your link will get the reward, and they’ll love you for it.

So as my wheels are still turning after writing this post, which I just had to tell you about, I am now off to Empire Avenue to drive some traffic to this actual post and bribe my following on Empire Avenue to post a comment.

See you on the inside of Empire Avenue and you can get there by clicking HERE. 

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