7 Traits Mentally Tough People Have

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In our most recent episode of “Real Talk w/ Bill & Michelle” Bill discusses why being mentally tough in your business is the key to being successful.

Below is a summary of the 7 traits.

  1. Emotional Intelligence – How well do you handle adversity?
  2. Embracing Change – How well do you embrace change?
  3. The Ability To Say “No” – Do you say yes or no?
  4. No Fear – Why having fear is #1 source of regret.
  5. Embracing Fear – Do you run away from fear or embrace fear?
  6. Mistakes – Do you dwell on mistakes?
  7. Positive – Are you relentlessly positive?


Watch the video below for a more extensive training on the 7 Traits Mentally Tough People Have.


Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, always remember that not only are these great traits that mentally tough people have, but failure can also make you tough.

Through failure you become stronger.

Without failure it’s hard to grow.

You can learn from your mistakes/failures and discover new and better ways to succeed.

There will always be obstacles and challenges. These are small tests in life to get you off track.

Building a mentally tough mind will help you become more resilient in life which will give you the confidence to overcome obstacles and set backs as life throws them your way.

How do you stay mentally tough?  What works for you?

Please share below in the comment section.

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