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Making Money Online – 4 Reasons Why People Have It All Backwards

All right so you have been talking with friends and surfing the internet and you think you finally found a way to make money online. You read all the case studies, you saw all the testimonials and more importantly you can see yourself making money online at home with this opportunity that you have discovered.

You sign up and you are now ready to hit the ground running at full speed.

Then a few days and even weeks pass and you start to realize this is going to take some serious work on your part, as it’s not as easy as “Mr. X” marketer made it seem.

Reality sets in…. there is no Easy Button.

No “Mr. X” didn’t say there was an easy button but he sure made it sound easy.

You start to lose that initial excitement as weeks pass by and you start to realize after studying all the successful people making money online that  you need a few things in place first before you can REALLY hit the ground running.

However,  this is where people have it all backwards and probably the #1 reason why they spin themselves out of business before they can get their first taste of success.

Today I want to talk to you about why so many people have it backwards and share what you DON’T need right away to start making money online.  Now for those of you loaded with a healthy wad of cash for your business and plenty of free time, I will get to you in a moment.

So let’s go…..

Making Money Online

4 Reasons Why People Have It All Backwards

  • Reason # 1:  You think you need to have a blog built before you can start making money online.  I wish I had a giant big flashing “X” to  pop up on your screen right now.  Sadly I don’t, so let me explain. You don’t need a blog to get started with making money online.  Even if you did build a blog yourself (which I don’t recommend) if you don’t have the skills, or you get one made by an outsourcer like WordPress Makeover, you are still missing one key component, TRAFFIC.

Without the knowledge of how to actually drive traffic to your blog, you are just going to have a pretty piece of real estate with no visitors. Without traffic you won’t make any money.

Trust me on this one…..I fell into this trap when we first started out.  I was excited about having an awesome blog to brand myself and the day I finished that blog it dawned on me, “Umm now what? How do I get traffic here?”


  • Reason # 2:  You think you need to create your own bootcamp, ebook, video series, and/or funnel in order to make money online.  Big flashing “X” again. Take my advice on this one.  When I first started out I saw other successful “gurus” who had their own branded bootcamps, video series, and ebooks. Naturally I thought I needed one too.  Well after wasting months of trying to perfect my video series, in the end I just scratched the whole project because I was just unhappy at how mine turned out in comparison to the other successful marketers.  Not to mention I was missing that crucial element, once again…..TRAFFIC.


  • Reason #3:  You think you need to have your own capture page video, thank you page video and your own follow up email sequence in place before you can start to make money online.  If you haven’t noticed yet… far 1, 2, & 3 require a huge time commitment in set up mode, not money making mode.  If you are anything like me, I am talking this took me months!  Busy work I like to call it.  There are short cuts and in just a moment I am going to share the one word to creating that short cut.


  • Reason #4:  You think you need to create your own product to start making money online. Okay while having a product can be very profitable, understand that it’s the people who actually have some sort of credibility, brand awareness, authority all ready set up in their marketing niche.  I’ll never forget a colleague of mine who had an awesome idea for a product.  She spent about 6 months planning it out and creating the ENTIRE product only for it to bomb.  Six months wasted on an awesome idea that didn’t make her a dime because she did not master a few things, branding, credibility and traffic within her marketing niche.


You see all 4 of these reasons have one thing in common, they all take you away from immediately making money online.  The majority of people who start a business online need to make money within a few months and they don’t have a year to make that happen.


But What If I need To Start Making Money Online Soon?

As I mentioned earlier for those of you with money lined pockets, kudos to you!  Yes, you probably have the time, resources and money to actually take time to get a blog in place, work on branding, create your own product and sales funnels. In fact you could spend an entire year doing that, and yes it probably would take that long.  Then in year 2 master the traffic component of driving visitors to your offer so you start making money online.

Unfortunately those of you that don’t fall into that category should realize that there is a very easy way to start making money online and it’s called LEVERAGE.

When Bill and I started out and we hit 10K a month after just being online for only 6 months because we used leverage.  No blog, no list, no branded video series, no branded funnel, no product, no fans and no list.   Nope… just one offer that was created by a proven successful marketing system that we used to drive traffic too.  That’s how we were able to hit that 6 figure income in just 6 months.

In fact, even though we now have a blog, branding in place, funnels, and products, there is still something comforting in using someone else’s proven funnels and offers.  Yes even after 5 1/2 years of doing this online we still leverage proven systems and business models.


How Does Leverage Work For An Online Business?

making money online

Our most profitable business model has entirely been leveraged activity and it has made us over 800K in 16 months.

We leverage several things with this business model:

  • Their highly trained phone sales team who handle all the coaching calls and closing calls for us. All we do is collect on the commissions.
  • Their live events where sales are made for us.  They front the work and expense and we collect on the commissions.
  • Their email follow up series. They write all the emails that are high converting and our sales are made on automation.
  • Their offers, systems, and sales funnels.  They spend the time to put together high converting offers, systems and funnels and we just drive traffic to those offers and we collect on the commissions.
  • They provide all the training for the brand new partners. They have a system in place along with coaches who provide all the training and we can stay focused on building our business and driving traffic.
  • And much much more….

You see making money online doesn’t have to be this long drawn out plan to build an empire before you start. All you need to actually do is leverage.  I just proved to you that we made a 6 figure income in just 6 months all by leveraging.  You can too!

It starts with finding a proven business model or system to leverage.  The only thing  you should have to focus on is traffic which will be your quickest route to making money online.

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 making money online


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