6 Tips To Increase YouTube Views

Would you like to increase YouTube views so you can build your brand awareness?

As a marketer, you probably already know how valuable video can be to establish you as an authority within your niche.

Also, knowing how to increase YouTube views can be critical when it comes to lead generation and for building out your brand.

But did you also know that there are 6 common video mistakes that people make everyday that could potentially squash your credibility and brand in an instant?

In the video below I will reveal to you 6 tips on how to increase YouTube views and also learn how to avoid the hazardous pitfalls of creating videos.


Increase YouTube views


I was recently in a Facebook community group where some of the members were asked to post a video in regards to a specific topic that had recently been discussed.

Not surprisingly, some of the videos posted had some glaringly obvious mistakes in them.

In most cases, these were the most common video mistakes that people make.

The good thing is…. these are all very fixable mistakes and once you know what to do (or more importantly what NOT to do)…

You will find yourself easily and effortlessly creating compelling videos that will increase YouTube views and help to establish you as an authority within your niche.




Six Of The Most Common Video Mistakes:

1.) Not Centered Within Your Shot

2.) Lack Of Passion Or Excitement

3.) Not Making Eye Contact With The Camera

4.) Trying To Think Of What To Say During Your Video

5.) Either Too Close Or Too Far Away From The Camera

6.) Over Thinking Or Worrying Too Much About Being “Perfect”


WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW on 6 Tips To Increase YouTube Views



Full Disclosure About This Video:

FYI: There were some mistakes in this video!!  (GASP!!!)

The video said “7 tips” when I actually only provided 6.

Also, I think at one point the video may have gone black and the audio was fuzzy for a bit.

But you know what?

… thats okay.


Because in my opinion I did a solid job of getting my points across in this video.

Also, I’m cool with the video not being perfect because I try my best to live by the mantra that I’ve summed up in my quote below.


Increase YouTube views


Also, you can tell by the “set” in my videos that I’m shooting this out of my home office.

The background is pleasant and professional but by no means am I using lots of fancy backdrops or green screens.


Final Thoughts…

As you can see from watching the video, I didn’t provide you with fluff or theory.

I provided 6 actionable tips based on my experience that you can immediately consume and implement within your own business.

This is probably the most important tip I can provide to you about creating any kind of content.

Don’t provide theory on what you think may work well.

Instead, provide actual tips on what has worked well for you!

This is going to require you to get in the trenches and actually “do marketing”.

The good news is… this will not only make you a better marketer but it will add to your credibility when you create videos like the above video that I made for you.


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