4 Questions You Must Ask To Guarantee A High Converting Capture Page

High Converting Capture Page

In today’s competitive marketplace, having a high converting capture page is a must if you want to get conversions and sales. With so many offers out on the internet, and so much competition if you’re capture page isn’t converting… how can you compete?

In today’s article we’re going to share with you a fool proof way to ensure that you have a high converting capture page which will ultimately lead to more conversions and more sales for your business.


Do You Have High Converting Capture Page?

For starters, you must have an irresistible offer (If you don’t already have your own irresistible offer  you can leverage an online system that has a high converting capture page and use their offer until you have your very own).

high converting capture page

Rule #1 you must build your list if you want to become a successful online marketer.  The money is in your list, but without a high converting capture page you aren’t going to get anyone to opt into your list.  If you happen to get some opt ins without a high converting capture page it will most likely be a very small amount.

Depending on what marketing method you choose, ideally you would like to see above 30% opt in rate when promoting lead capture pages.  We personally like to see 50% or above when using Facebook ads.

Whatever marketing method you have chose, if you find your opt in rate is less than 30% then you may want to consider taking the 5 second test.

Now we can’t take credit for coming up with this test (we learned this from our friends over at Digital Marketer) but we’ll certainly share with you what it is.

So you’ve created you’re own capture page and now you want to know if it will convert.   To find out if your page will convert implement the 5 second test by sharing your page with someone else.  Find a family member, a friend, a business partner, a co worker, etc…. just find someone other than yourself to look at your page.

Then ask them to look at the page for only 5 seconds and ask to see if they can identify or answer these 4 questions after viewing the page for 5 seconds.


These 4 Questions Will help You Determine If You Have A High Converting Capture Page:

Use the "5 Second Rule" to determine how well your capture page will convert.

Use the “5 Second Rule” to determine how well your capture page will convert.

  1. Who Is The Company? Unless you are Nike or Apple, it’s likely the person looking at your page won’t recognize your brand or company.  If that’s the case then the solution is to make sure you have a tag line.
  2. What Is Your Offer? If your offer is unclear to the person viewing your page, you will confuse people which will lead to high bounce rates.  You want to make sure your offer is clear to the person who lands on the page within 5 seconds.
  3. Are You Credible? Trustworthiness is crucial here.  People buy from people they trust. You must be able to convey your credibility and trustworthiness on your page if you want people to opt in.  If the person viewing your page isn’t feeling the trust consider buffering the anxiety on your page with social proof or testimonials.
  4. What’s The Call To Action?  Is it clearly stated? Does the viewer clearly know what to do next? If not you should consider making sure your call to action stands out and has clear instructions on how to get your irresistible offer.


And….that’s it!

So the next time your lead capture page isn’t converting above 30% consider using this 5 second test.  If it doesn’t pass the test then make the necessary corrections and you will be on your way to finally promoting a high converting capture page that will enable you to start raking you in leads.


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