Webinars on Air

Webinars On Air – The Future of Webinars

Webinars On Air is the future of webinars and if you aren’t using this platform you seriously need to take a closer look at what Webinars On Air has to offer.

It’s like having your Google Hangouts on steroids.  With features like integrating your auto responder to build your list, integrated paypal feature to monetize your weibnars, scheduling your Hangouts and much much more….you seriously can’t go wrong with this platform.

Take a look at my video below as I walk you through my back office showing you exactly how we use Webinars On Air for our business.

In the past we have spent over $200.00 a month with Go to Webinar and realized there had to be a more affordable way with more features. The problem with just using Google Hangouts is that you couldn’t schedule a hangout and start delivering the link to prospects or your followers.  But, with Webinars On Air integrated with your Google Hangouts you can schedule your webinars, grab the link and start promoting.  A must for any marketer online.

Webinars On Air Explanation

To get access to your 7 day trial today click the following link ==> Webinars On Air

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