Video Cash Flow Machine

Okay don’t tell Kate and Andrew McShea that I said this about them.  But, seriously….they have LOST THEIR MINDS!  

I am telling you they are going to piss off some leaders in this industry with the bonuses they are delivering with the launch of their new course.  In fact so much so that those leaders are going to have to step up their game, if they want to sell their courses in the future, because you are about to get the opportunity to be spoiled by Kate & Andrew.

I haven’t seen anyone deliver the goods like this in quite sometime.

Not sure what they were thinking as they are going to be totally committed to YOU for quite sometime, but hey….take advantage of it while you can.  This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up and close with these guys & steal their secrets to video marketing.

Check out what they are offering tomorrow when their BRAND NEW video course opens up.


So here’s the deal…..tomorrow at the times below they officially are releasing their BRAND NEW video traffic course.  But, if you want to scoop up their bonuses you need to be there on time. Set your alarm, pin it to your computer, something that will remind you.

==>>>Click HERE tomorrow at 11:45 am and be READY to buy at NOON EST, which is 11AM CST, and 9AM PST. 

I am telling you right now, I don’t know anyone in our circle that can deliver the Video Marketing goods like these guys can. So if you value and respect my endorsement of Kate and Andrew, then I expect you to check out what they are offering in this course.

You can click HERE now to at least get up to date with all their F.REE training videos if you are reading this email before launch time, which is NOON EST.  In fact I encourage you too, because the training videos come down tomorrow.

Now a launch would NOT be complete without me offering a BONUS.  That’s right, I want to help these guys out so HERE is what Bill & I are kicking in if you purchase from us tomorrow. 

1. Bill’s My Prospecting Playbook Course (valued at $297) Once you get the leads from Kate and Andrew’s video marketing course you are going to need to know how to close them. That’s where this course of Bill’s comes in.  Shh….don’t tell him I am giving this away for F.REE. 

2. I will give you my TWITTER PPC course just in case you want to venture out and learn how to generate leads via TWITTER.  It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take much time.  A great compliment to Facebook marketing and video marketing. 

3. My latest advanced Facebook Ads course.  Yes all up to date and this course will show you exactly what ads you need to be creating to generate leads & sales in your business.  Oh and yes….there are ads that are a waste of your time and money, so I show you what’s working now. 

Now how is that for an irresistible offer?  You’d be a bit crazy like Kate and Andrew if you didn’t take advantage of this.

So go HERE now…..get caught up and then tomorrow at 11:45 am EST come back to this email and get READY to buy.

Still NOT convinced that Kate and Andrew know what they are talking about?  Then I invite you tomorrow NIGHTat 9PM EST to our LIVE training webinar with them.  After viewing this training you will see how amazing they are.

Click HERE to register. Even if you decide NOT to buy just come anyways for the TRAINING. 

Okay that’s all I have….will talk to you soon!

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