Top Recruiters Quit MLM for a More Profitable Business Model

The story goes something like this: Your friend approaches you about a meeting she or he is attending in a week and she or he wants you to come with her/him.  It’s a really cool business concept that has great products that will change your life you are told.  Your friend proceeds to tell you that you can even make money by just sharing the products with your friends & family. Oh and then mentions that their upline is making thousands of dollars a week and they were able to quit their 9-5 job. WOW!

Sound familiar?  Okay maybe it doesn’t go exactly like this but you can bet that once you join an MLM your upline is going to tell you that you need to make a list of all your friends, family members and warm market because it’s time for you to call and invite them to a home meeting or a presentation.

So let me ask you this…..are you tired of chasing after the bartender, the waitress, your dentist, your chiropractor, your doctor, your trainer, your kid’s friends parents, the mailman, anyone within 3 feet of you only to face constant rejection?

Or maybe you enjoy home parties and you are having success sponsoring people into your business, but those new reps keep dropping out faster than you can keep them coming in.  Maybe you started out with a bang and earned a decent check but now it’s dwindling down to pennies after months of chasing and you are just exhausted and thinking there has to be a better more productive way to build a solid income from home.

Well my friend….you are not alone.

Bill & I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through or have gone through.

Watch this video as we share our story.

As you can see we struggled also with 3 different MLM companies over the past 4 years, trying to build a downline that would stick.

We did everything our upline told us to do.

At one point in our MLM career we were top recruiters for over a year in our MLM, recruiting 31 people in one month and breaking all kinds of recruiting records for the company!


But within a few months… 14 of them disappeared, 11 became virtually inactive and the 6 we had left couldn’t even recruit 1 person no matter how much training we provided and/or the company provided!!

What we’ve learned since, is that this is a far too common story in MLM.  Too many MLM reps selling the dream, yet they are really living the nightmare. You know the ones, they get up on stage, preach abundance, wealth, prosperity, and freedom, yet…..the truth is their convincing heartfelt speech doesn’t really add up to what is really going on in their life.  It’s all about selling the dream to get you to buy when deep down they know only 1% ever succeed in MLM.

So……You end up buying into their dream hoping it will become your reality.


Here’s some shocking stats:

  • Less than 1% of reps in 300 of the most well known companies make a significant profit (just check their publicly disclosed income disclosure statements for yourself if you don’t believe me)
  • The average distributor will recruit a total of ONLY 2 new reps in their career!
  • The average passive residual income per team member is roughly $7-10 (which means if you wanted to earn $7000 per month you would need roughly 1000 people in your organization – how close are you to that number?)
  • 95% of companies and biz ops are out of business within 3 years
  • The average distributor will be involved with at least 7 or more companies (attrition anyone?)

Since 2010 Bill and I have been teaching and training home based business owners how to generate more leads and grow their businesses online… with MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME!!


So instead of putting all of our hopes and dreams into 1 MLM company where we have less than 1% chance of creating a full time income… we choose to create MULTIPLE streams of income WITH a backend PROVEN profitable business model that creates us a 6 -7 figure income, instead of the overly optimistic 3-5 year plan of traditional MLM.

Let me ask you this would you rather earn pennies for 3-5 years, hoping that you are the 1% who would make it in MLM or earn thousands in your first 6 months with a company?

Look… we don’t want to come off as overly critical of the MLM industry. We have great friends in MLM and give them props for sticking it out.

BUT… the truth is that the odds are stacked against you and no one is willing to tell you that.

We have witnessed it first hand and have been witness to it for over 7 years now.

And quite frankly nothing has changed nor is it getting any better. If anything, it’s getting worse with all the new MLMs hitting the market monthly.  Some make it and some don’t.

Attrition and jumping from one company to the next is at an all time high because of the internet.  Marketers telling you that you can build a profitable MLM online.  Truth be told, MLM is a belly to belly business.

Again, less than 1% of network marketers ever make a significant income. Have you ever looked at the income disclaimer statements publicly available from the biggest MLM companies out there?  I dare you to do it…. you just might be shocked or maybe deep down you knew the truth).

Again we are NOT here to bash the MLM industry.

BUT we are here to tell you our story and speak for those who know deep down this reality does exist but are too afraid to voice it.

Our breakthrough came when we personally ditched MLM in April of 2014 when we discovered a proven profitable business model that we had no idea existed.  Instead of chasing our warm market, we leverage a business model, use the internet and we have earned over 285K in commissions in just 4 months.  Something we never did in MLM.

Let me ask you this….. Are open to learning about this different type of business model?

If you know us, you know we represent integrity and we will only share the facts. So if you are are open to building a business with MULTIPLE income streams… not just depending on one, then we want to share something with you today.

It’s a business model that we and thousands of other regular people have been using as an alternative to the tiny commission checks of MLM.

If you would rather have interested prospects come to you, instead of you constantly chasing after people who have little interest in a business opportunity…

If you would rather avoid networking, trying to make conversations with strangers, prospecting in shopping malls and posting flyers all over town…

If you would rather get paid based on YOUR production, YOUR dedication and YOUR hard work rather than hoping that someone on your team finally starts duplicating…

If you would like to learn how you can earn $10,000 / month without needing to recruit an army and depend on duplication…

… then there is an alternative.


The Direct Sales / Affiliate Marketing Hybrid Model

Our model starts with REAL marketing.

  • Not prospecting in shopping malls.
  • Not chasing after strangers.
  • No making a list of your warm market.
  • Not harassing friends and family.

We teach you how to advertise/market using the internet… it is 2014 after all!.  Why not leverage the power of the internet!

We teach you how to bring interested and qualified people (just like you) to your website, with VALUE not with lame sales embarrassing sales pitches.

Need proof that it works?

Well we just brought you here to read this article right now didn’t we?


We teach you how to do this too.

You can do it from the comfort of your home on our laptop computer, just as we do.

We travel the world monthly and all we need is a laptop computer to keep our business running.

All we need is an internet connection!  No more chasing around our warm market, and babysitting a downline.

By this point, you either disagree with every word we’ve just said and/or have no clue what we are talking about… OR…

… this is starting to make a lot of sense and quite possibly we are saying, what you have been thinking all along.

Isn’t it time you stop wasting your time chasing after people who aren’t even interested in a home business?

Why would you waste your time chasing after people who give you objections like “is this one of those pyramid schemes?”

You’ve got a simple choice to make right now.

You can go right back to doing what you’ve been doing, and keep chasing after that dream that less than 1% of MLM distributors will ever get close to achieving… OR…

You can learn more about what Bill and I do and how we do it… and start building a profitable business and make 2015 your first 6 figure income year working from home on your computer.

It’s up to you and we are here to help.

You have two options…learn more in our upcoming webinar, Click HERE

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You’ll get one on one guidance, a 21 step proven training program, help from our 6 & 7 figure team of marketers, a team site to leverage in your own marketing, monthly hangout marketing trainings and much much more….

So what do you say?  Are you ready to ditch the MLM and move forward with us?  It doesn’t cost you a thing to look….. Go HERE now.

We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, struggles, challenges, questions & comments below! 

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