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The SEO Networker 3.0 Guys Outdid Themselves in This “Encore”

A little SEO bird told us that Ferny & Ray are reopening SEO Networker 3.0… but only briefly.

They plan on doing this starting this coming Monday (the 28th) at noon PST but it will only be for 36 hours. Yep, this will last only until 11:59 PM PST the following day, Tuesday (the 29th).

Not only are they re-opening for a short time they were hearing enough grumbling about this bad economy and how many can’t even afford $177 a month payment plan.

So, they decided to give no one an excuse and offer a Twelve (12) month payment plan. I believe this is unheard of in this industry and quite frankly I think they are out of their minds.

Like I have said in previous emails, I am so confident in Ferny & Ray’s teachings that this is the ONLY SEO fully loaded course you will ever need.

I mean, seriously, WHO DOES THAT? 12 Month payment Plan for SEO Networker 3.0!

Well, they do and are, so you might as well take full advantage, starting Monday.Be on the lookout come Monday…