Pure Leverage – What Is It & Can I Make 100% Commissions?

Today I want to share with you exactly what Pure Leverage is and discuss how you can make 100% commissions with this exciting new program that offers a plethora of internet marketing tools that you need for your business.

So let’s start with what is Pure Leverage?

It is a complete internet tool suite packed full of valuable tools that every marketer needs in their business, created by Joel Therien.

Here is what is included in the Pure Leverage MLM Tool Suite and System:

pure leverage

1) Elite Coaching Program – Priceless
2) Easy Lead Flow – Lead Capture System – An autoresponder that understands the needs of all internet, mlm, affiliate marketers without the high costs compared to aweber who raises their price monthly as your list grows. Pure Leverage has the one low price and doesn’t raise as your list grows.
3) Authority Blog – Start blogging today on your very own high ranking authority blog without the hassles of doing all the set up.
4) Turbo Traffic Generation – Looking to be successful online?  Then you need traffic and that’s exactly what you will get inside of Pure Leverage.
5) Video Email Service
6) Live Meeting Room – As a successful marketer, I know the importance of having live meetings with your list, prospects, coaching clients, team, etc….  Having a live meeting room included in the low cost of Pure Leverage blows away the price of Gotowebinar and other comparable systems.  We pay $399 for 1000 seats just with Gotowebinar and that’s monthly.  Pure Leverage has been a refreshing answer to saving money.

7) A-Z Wealth Home Study Course

Click here ==> Pure Leverage FREE Video and learn how you can start earning 100% commissions.

Also if you are interested in taking a sneek peek at the back office of Pure Leverage Click the image BELOW:

Pure Leverage

After you are inside the Pure Leverage back office you will find everything you need to succeed as an internet marketer. You will have access to Promotional Tools to help with your business such as; banners, email swipes, affiliate links to be able to sign up your own affiliates to get your business started in the right direction.

Who is Pure Leverage for and How Much?

The system was made for beginners to experienced.  Right now you can join for $24.95 per month but as of the writing of this blog post you can get a $1 trial for 7 days. This may change depending on when you are reading this.  The pay plan will include 100% commissions, unlimited depth, and 50% matching bonuses and in order to qualify for the payplan you will need to activate the $19.97 reseller monthly fee.

Now I have gotten a lot of questions from those who know we are very involved in MLSP.  One of the questions we get quite often is, “Does this compete with MLSP?”  “Does this integrate with MLSP and how will you integrate it?’

First of Pure Leverage does not compete with MLSP.  In fact we look at Pure Leverage as an enhancement to our MLSP business and our Numis business.  We are now able to integrate the Pure Leverage autoresponder with our MLSP system.

We are also now able to use the video email service, live meeting room, and much more  that Pure Leverage offers to communicate with our team during trainings in MLSP and as a recruiting tool into MLSP.

So as you can see Pure Leverage for us has become the perfect addition to our MLSP & Numis business.  It’s not competition at all, it’s an enhancement to our business.

Right now if you join in with us on our team here at Pure Leverage we will add you into our private mastermind group where you will learn from us and several other great leaders within our mastermind group on how we are taking the Pure Leverage business to the next level.  There are new people in our group that have never made a dime online who are now making money on their very first day of joining in with us.

If you want to be a part of this group then be sure to join us today by clicking this link ==> Pure Leverage and let’s start making money and having some fun with all these GREAT new tools to enhance our business.

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