Promoted Page Likes

Promoted Page Likes

By far the easiest and fastest way to get more fans to your page is using the promoted page likes ad.  The creation of this ad can be done right from your admin panel on your Facebook fan page.

After testing for approximately two weeks now this ad has proven to get us upwards of 81 likes a day on a $20.00 a day budget.

The promoted page likes ad when created will crate three different types of Facebook ads.

  • A standard ad that will appear in the sidebar of Facebook
  • A page like sponsored story that will appear in the desktop and mobile news feed
  • A standard page like ad which will appear in the desktop mobile news feed

The purpose of this powerful promoted page likes ad is to drive new likes quickly to your page which the ad will include the page name, your profile photo on you Facebook fan page, and a like button.  If you don’t like the text in your description you can change it in your settings of your Facebook fan page.

Check out the Promoted Page Likes tutorial below:

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