Facebook Page engagement custom audiences and step by step instructions on how to create the custom audience.

Most marketers know when creating an ad then targeting a warm audience will result in higher conversions.

Warm audiences are typically your email list, targeting your Facebook fans/followers, people who are somewhat familiar with you, your business, and/or your brand.

Then there are cold audiences who are people who have no idea who you are.

Therefore one of the best strategies we have found in our own business when it comes to Facebook ads is to actually target our warm audience which in most cases are our Facebook fans.

In the past, the only way to do this was to create a Facebook ad and choose in the targeting section of the ad creative to target your fans of your Facebook Fan Page.

The problem with that strategy is that often times you end up targeting people who may have liked your page years ago and are not engaged at all anymore.

With the new addition of Facebook page engagement custom audiences, you can now create an audience who specifically have engaged with your posts or ads within a specific period of time.

In the video below I walk you through one of the strategies you can use to create a Facebook page engagement custom audience.

As of writing this post, you can see that there are five different types of Facebook page engagement custom audiences you can create.

  • Anyone who visited your page
  • People who engaged with your post or ad
  • People who clicked any call to action button
  • People who sent a message to your page
  • People who saved your page or any post

You can also as shown in the video specify a date range.  So, for example, you may want to create a custom audience of people who have clicked a call to action button within the last 60 days.

By choosing a specific time your custom audience will always be changing as the days go on as this is a dynamic feature.

Curious…..are you using Facebook page engagement custom audiences?  If so I’d love to hear how you are using it in your marketing in the comments section below.

Feel free to share and ask questions also.

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