How To Use Facebook Group Insights

As of writing this post, Facebook just recently started rolling out Facebook group insights.

Group Insights is a great feature for admins to help understand group activities.

Group Insights will also aid in optimizing the group experience.

In the video below I walk through the features a group admin will find when using the Facebook Group Insights option.

Most if not all of the options will be found on the left-hand side of the group once logged in.

Watch the video now.


Features Of Facebook Group Insights

These options may not be available for all admins yet.

However, they will be rolled out across the entire Facebook platform in phases.

Thanks to Group Insights, Facebook group admins are now given a large amount of insight to help improve the member’s experience.

Some of the new Group Insight features include…

  • New members
  • Post Engagement
  • Members
  • Membership Request Filtering
  • Member Clean-Up
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Group to Group Linking

The “Members” section in the Facebook Group Insights is the most important feature you’ll want to pay attention to.

Especially if you’re using Facebook groups to grow your business.

The data given could be used to give shout outs to the most active members of the week.

There’s also a section that displays the demographics of members which could be used to create future posts within the group.


Facebook Group Insights Next Steps

So now back to you…

Have you gotten the Facebook Group Insights feature yet?

If so, how are you using Group Insights to increase engagement in your online community?

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