Facebook Domain Verification – How to Get Your Domain Verified

Have you noticed that lately when you post a URL to your Facebook Fan Page you can no longer change the image that is attached to the post, title or description?

I have seen a lot of chatter lately that this option has been taken away.

If you have been one of those businesses frustrated with not having the option to change the image, title or description there is now a solution.

It’s called Facebook Domain Verification!

Here’s the low down on what you will need:

  1. A Facebook Fan Page that you own
  2. Access to your domain and where it is hosted
  3. Facebook Business Manager account

In the video below I walk you through the process of verifying your domain using GoDaddy.

If you are not using GoDaddy the process is still similar to all other hosting sites.  Feel free to message your hosting company’s support desk or live chat if you have difficulty finding your DNS manager.

As you can see there are two processes you can choose from to verify your domain.  You can add a DNS TXT record as shown in the video or upload an HTML file to your root domain.

The only downside is, unfortunately, you still can not change the image, text or description of a domain you do not own.  So for those of you that promote links as an affiliate you still won’t have editing privilege unless of course, you own the domain.

The new Facebook Domain Verification feature was put into place to ensure that only the rightful parties can edit link previews that direct to your content.

Now over to you!  What do you think about this new feature?  Feel free to comment below and be sure to share using the social media icons below.

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