How to Set Up Facebook Messenger on Fan Page

Want to leverage Facebook to create more automation in your business?

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs and business owners, you do.

Today I am going to show you how to set up Facebook messenger for your fan page.

But before I do that…

… imagine what it would be like if you could put time-consuming tasks, such as constantly responding to messages on your Fan page, on automation.

Do you think that would free you up to spend more time on activities that move your business forward?

Of course, it would!

The good news is, in the video below I’m going to reveal 3 powerful tips you can use starting today that will allow you to:

  • Customize automatic messages to your prospects and fans
  • Get more traffic to your blog or website
  • Schedule out automatic messages to the people who reach out to you on your fan page… even while you’re sleeping

Does that sound good?


Then let’s dive in!


How To Set Up Facebook Messenger

Before we set up Facebook Messenger we found that many of the questions sent to our Facebook fan page messenger had already been asked repeatedly.

Obviously, this created a lot of manual and repetitive work in order to get back to all of these people.

The thought process was…

“How can we answer these same questions on automation so we don’t have to answer them individually each time?”

The solution…

Give options by using Facebook Messenger!

This is why setting up Facebook Messenger on our Fan page had been so helpful for us.

We’re now able to identify common questions and provide them the appropriate answer without doing it manually.

Can you see how in this case using Facebook Messenger has saved us a lot of time?

Would you like to set up Facebook Messenger so you can also free up a significant portion of your time?

In this video below I walk you through how to set up Facebook messenger on your fan page so you can create an automated, yet powerful experience to those messaging your page.



Remember if you’re brand new to messenger automation what I shared with you in the above video is a great way to get started.

However, when you’re ready to move to more advanced strategies consider using a third-party program such as ManyChat.

ManyChat has a variety of different messenger options you can create for your…

  • Fan page
  • Facebook ads
  • Blog

… and much more!

If you got value in this post on how to set up Facebook messenger on your fan page, feel free to comment below.

Also, let me know how you’re using automation for your messages to your Facebook fan page.

You can always reference our page to see how we currently have our automation set up by visiting this link HERE.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, now that you’ve read this blog post you’re ready to step up your Facebook Marketing.

The best way to do that is to check out my brand new Facebook Marketing training on how to:

  • Create an Irresistible Brand
  • Gain Massive Influence
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… without the fear of losing your money or getting your FB account banned.




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