6 Proven Tips to market your Facebook group

Do you want to learn how to market your Facebook group so you can get more members, leads, sales, and engagement?

If so then make sure to read this post in its entirety.

Even though there are other great social media platforms for businesses to leverage, Facebook still remains one of the most popular platforms for marketing.

Yes, it is true that the organic reach of posts on Facebook is consistently declining. But you still see businesses and brands continuing to market their business on Facebook through various different options, such as a Facebook group.

Apart from creating a Facebook page, businesses also rely on a Facebook group for promoting their business. In addition to businesses, you will also see many individuals use Facebook groups for their own personal reasons.

A few groups we are a part of for business and personal are, vegan groups, genealogy groups, family reunion groups, support groups, marketing groups, etc…

So if you are interested in creating a Facebook group or you have a Facebook group, here are 6 proven tips to market and promote your group.

1.) Invite Your Friends

The best way to start is to promote your Facebook group by inviting your friends on Facebook.

You can send an email letting them know about your group and giving them your Facebook group’s link to join.


2.) Add Your Facebook Group To Your Facebook Fan Page

If you have opened a group as part of your business, remember to link the Facebook page with the group.

Similarly, if you have a website or blog, link those sites with the group so that the reach of the group can be increased.

You can find the instructions on adding a join your group option box to add to your website HERE.

Also, see the below image of a Facebook fan page where you have the option to link your Facebook group to your Facebook fan page.

facebook groups


3.) Post a Giveaway

Giveaways or contests are a great way to gain attention from audiences.

You can either host a giveaway in your group or partner up with another business and provide the details of their giveaway in your group.

This way people are more likely to notice your group and join it.



4.) Promote Your Group in Other Groups

By promoting your group in other groups of similar nature, you will be able to get more followers.

For example; if you are running a group related to makeup, you could promote the same in an open group about beauty.

This is based on the assumption that people who are interested in beauty will be interested in makeup as well.

Just make sure you are familiar with the group’s rules you are promoting in. Some groups do not allow self-promotion.


5.) Provide Gated Content

Gated content is content that can be accessed only if the audience takes action.

You can create a PDF on a helpful or document and upload it to your group.

Provide access to the file or document only to those people who join your Facebook group.

This helps in attracting more targeted followers.

For example, if you are running a group related to ‘beauty,” you can upload a coupon/discount or even helpful tips to the file section of the group.

Only those people who join the group should be provided access to the coupon.

This exclusive access will prompt more people to join your group if you promote this outside of the group.


6.) Cross-Promote Your Group

You can also partner up with other groups within your marketing niche and cross-promote your Facebook group if the admin agrees.

This is another way to market your group and get more engagement.

In closing, remember to be active and consistent within your group.

Without consistent effort, your members will end up leaving or stop getting updates from your group.

Curious….as now it’s your turn. Feel free to comment below and share how you promote your Facebook group.

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