No Excuses Summit 3 Final Bonus Update

Get your No Excuses Summit 3 tickets through the link below and you will receive the following bonuses from Michelle & Bill Pescosolido:

No Excuses Summit 3 – Buy HERE

Bonus #1 – Each No Excuses Summit 3 VIP ticket gets  you to our 1 day private mastermind event with Bill & I held on the day before NES3 starts at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. All purchasers will be notified of the exact location in March.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #2 –  No Excuses Summit 3 buyers will get a ticket to our Live Event in May held in Naples, Fl, which will actually be one day before Ray Higdon’s live event in May.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #3 – Everyone who buys a ticket from us will have a chance to win one Apple I Pad. One lucky person will win and the drawing will be held on March 15th, 2012.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #4 – No Excuses Summit 3 buyers will also get our Facebook Marketing Overload Course for FREE and the newest course coming out in a month.  This course will be Facebook for any type of business not just internet marketing / network marketing.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus # 5 – Everyone who buys a No Excuses Summit 3 ticket from us will get our recently released Blogging for Profits Course.  This course teaches you how to set up a blog using wordpress, how to install the necessary plugins, how to write a search engine optimized post, content syndication, and how to install the “big daddy” of plugins to get your post on the 1st page of Google.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #6 – The first 10 buyers will get 4 – 1 hour coaching sessions via webinar from Bill and I.  We are masters at marketing and whatever it is you need to be coached on we can do it!

Be sure to join the No Excuses Summit 3 gang on Tuesday, Feb 21st @ 9pm EST (7pm PST).  By clicking here to get registered and receive your FREE training videos.   There will only 1000 seats available and it will max out.  This is your chance to hear all the leaders introductions and what they will be speaking on.  Bonuses will be offered on this webinar and tickets will go on sale during the webinar.  There will be over $4631 in fast mover bonuses.  See the details below, therefore you have a chance not only to get our bonuses but the bonuses below too:

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #1 – First 10 No Excuses Summit 3 Ticket Buyers Get a 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Ferny Ceballos or Raymond Fong.  How can you NOT want this amazing bonus?
(Retail Value $597)

We can pretty much guarantee that these 10 spots will go within seconds of launch and you’ll need to be ready at 7pm PDT (10pm EDT) with laser fast mouse clicks to get this.


No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #2 – First 100 No Excuses Summit 3 Ticket Holders Can Win a Exclusive 2- Hour Mastermind with Ray & Ferny in Vegas
(Retail Value $997)

The first 100 ticket holders will be entered in a drawing to win this Exclusive 2-Hour Mastermind Session held on Thursday, April 28th @ 3pm PST.

This opportunity will require you to arrive in Vegas 1 day early and meet us at our personal suite. You will have the opportunity to have drinks and food in the suite waiting for you, so you can get right to work on your business.

20 winners from the 100 ticket holders will be randomly chosen. You have a 20% shot at being one of these lucky business owners, if you move quickly with your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket purchase.

Winners will be notified by Friday, Feb. 24th, so you can make arrangements to arrive in Vegas early!

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #3 – Ray Higdon’s 4-Part Leadership Mastery Course
(Retail Value $497)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Tuesday, 2/21 by Midnight

Ray Higdon’s Leadership Mastery course has never been sold to the public and was an extensive training he did for a an exclusive group of his team members. This is 4-hours of pure content laying out his entire $50k/month residual business blueprint.

Part 1 – Defining the traits of a leader and the actions that leaders avoid
Part 2 – How to create intellectual property and content to build teams and create additional income
Part 3 – How to gain exposure, build community and brand yourself as a leader
Part 4 – Developing leadership in your teams, how to be a servant leader

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #4 – MyLeadSystemPRO Platinum Membership for 1-Month
(Retail Value $97)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Tuesday, 2/21 by Midnight

This is the highest membership and most exclusive membership level in world’s #1 attraction marketing training community and system. Included in a MLSP Platinum membership is all of the following:

Total MLSP War-Chest Value: $1523

Total MLSP Plat Value: $32,928

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #5 – Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals
(Retail Value $397)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Wednesday, 2/22 at Midnight


  • Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 8 Audio CD’s
  • Advanced Search Training on 4 DVD’s
  • Live Prospecting to Professionals on 6 Audio CD’s

You deserve to be recruiting talented people into your business. Learn how to do it now with Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets Home Study Course, the only course of its kind in the entire network marketing profession.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #6 – Michelle Pescosolido’s Blogging for Profit Course
(Retail Value $497)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Thursday, 2/23 at Midnight

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #7 – Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts
(Retail Value $67)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Thursday, 2/23 at Midnight

Learn how to become a master prospector and lethal on the phone with Todd”s coveted Little Black Book of Scripts. These scripts are highly effective and will teach you how to become an unstoppable recruiter.

Now you have the entire scripts library of network marketing’s top recruiter, for every possible scenario you may encounter in your career.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #8 – Todd Falcone’s How to Win the Game of Prospecting
(Retail Value $147)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Friday, 2/24 at Midnight

In this breakthrough audio series,Todd Falcone will empower and energize you with his wealth of insight, rapid fire delivery and compelling content that brings an in-depth look at what it really takes to win in the game of prospecting.

Built on proven success principles, this training is designed to help you create immediate results in your network marketing or direct sales business.Prospecting is the lifeblood of your business.

Skillful prospecting is what separates the small checks from the booming checks.

This program was designed to give you a solid foundation to help you improve your prospecting skills. Regardless of where you are today in your network marketing or direct sales business, this program can assist you in create lasting change and improvement in your prospecting efforts.Based on Todd’s 15+ years in the field as a network marketing leader, How to Win in the Game of Prospecting uncovers Five Critical Components that lead to improvement.

Listen to Todd as he covers step-by-step exactly how he went from being a sweaty, nervous wreck who spent nearly 18 months working 10+ hours every day with very little to show for it to being known as one of the Master Prospectors in the entire Direct Sales and network marketing arena.

The title says it all. If you want to succeed in your business, this series provides you a track to run on to consistently improve your prospecting skills for lasting results.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #9 – Ty Tribble’s Google Backdoor Blueprints
(Retail Value $97)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Friday, 2/24 at Midnight

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #9 – Andrew Cass’ PRODUCTIVITY TRIGGERS For Today’s High-Performance Network Marketer
(Retail Value $47)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Monday, 2/27 at Midnight

“Unlocking The 5 EXTREME Time Management
& Productivity Secrets For The Information Age”

  • How to break free from the time management “myth.” Yes, myth. You cannot actually manage time. You’re about to find out why. The breakthrough begins with this distinction.
  • How to tackle overwhelm and become unscattered so you can focus on your work with laser beam precision. Focus = Production. Production = Money. It’s as simple as math.
  • The #1 vampire that sucks your time like no other.
  • The critical importance of your environment for maximum productivity.
  • How to place a “dollar value” on your time so you know exactly what it costs YOU when you waste it.
  • The “secret” to tapping your creativity levels… quite possibly your most powerful money-making weapon of all.
  • How to make the SHIFT from “working from home” to “working for YOU from home.” Big difference. Most people love the thought of being their own boss but they don’t act like their own boss. Now you will.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #10 – The “Best of” Ann Sieg’s Unreleased Leadership Circle and 1 Month Leaders’ Circle Membership
(Retail Value $397)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Monday, 2/27 at Midnight

This has not been released to the public. It’s only been available to Renegade Team members, and those with a “special invite.”

Each month, for the previous 12 months, inside Ann Sieg’s exclusive Leadership Circle community, she dove into new aspects of leadership with the most successful business people OUTSIDE of the network marketing industry. She gleaned their advice, their wisdom and their track record of success and used it for you to apply to YOUR networking business.

Over the last several weeks, Ann has personally inventoried each of these 12 Leadership Circle calls to choose the best of the best.

Here are the 4 best calls, which you can get instantly in addition to your 1-month membership:

  • Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code.In this call, you’ll learn new ways to get really good at almost anything based on how our brains work. The secret comes down to the physiology of learning, or what happens to the architecture of the brain during practice. The right kinds of practice, coaching, and motivation promote the growth of myelin, a microscopic nerve fiber insulator that adds speed and accuracy to the neural pathways that govern movements and thought.
  • Simon Sinek, author of Start With WhyYou’ll learn how to develop your own “Golden Circle.” You’ll see, from a business perspective, why some businesses have wholeheartedly succeeded, and others that have access to the same resources, fail. It’s all centered around understanding and conveying “Why do you do what you do” instead of focusing on “What” or even “How” you do it. It will be hard to listen to this call and not question the deeper purpose you have for a meaningful and satisfying business and life.
  • Perry Marshall, author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdwordsThis is, hands down, THE BEST Leadership Call we did. Perry is the guru of gurus. He’s a planet. His knowledge and body of work are massive enough that they have their own gravity and the sun that he orbits is something he’s created himself. In this call, he gets VERY in-depth about how all network marketers should be using “affinity marketing,” and explains how to implement it starting today.
  • David Garfinkel is known to be “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Teacher.”David Garfinkel’s shares cutting-edge copywriting tips, tricks and tested techniques to get you higher response, more sales and increased profits! No matter what industry you’re involved with. You’ll learn how David distills complex, core copywriting concepts and strategies into practical steps that anyone, regardless of skill or experience, can easily follow, apply, and duplicate (even if you hate to write).

Ann Sieg’s Leadership Circle is valued at $97 per month, but that’s what we’d charge BEFORE hosting one call. Now that we have, and now that we’ve selected the four most profound and valuable calls over the entire year, we could easily sell them for $97 EACH. But they’re yours free as a reward for showing your commit to participate in your own success when you purchase a NES3 ticket.

No Excuses Summit 3 Bonus #10 – No Excuses Summit I Digital Recordings
(Retail Value $297)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Tuesday, 2/28 at Midnight

Get over 15+ additional hours of training from the best internet marketers in this industry from the original No Excuses Summit event.

Here are your trainers from the original No Excuses Summit that started it all:

The Best of the Best, Teaching Their Best Traffic Generation, Internet Marketing & Recruiting Techniques at the Original No Excuses Summit Event…

NES1 Day 1 – Setting the Foundation for Attraction Marketing

  • Marketing Funnel – Jimmy Davis – Unveils the Marketing Secrets He Used to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business, With High-End Products, Starting at No Lower Than $1,000 and How You Can Use the Same Techniques to Recruit the Ultra Wealthy Into Your Downline – using his *newest* money-sucking techniques!
  • Running Your Business Like a Business – Justin Christianson – Here’s the Truth, If You Don’t Have the Right ‘Business Systems’ In Place, You Will Make Less Money, Pay Higher Taxes, Overspend and Kill Your Business – Higher Conversions & Keeping More Money is What It’s All About.
  • Networking Times – Chris & Josephine Gross – The co-founders of the Networking Times reveal what true succes in Network Marketing (online and offline) looks like and how you can tap into the minds and experience of the TOP earners in this industry via the ONLY network marketing publication in the world.
  • Overcoming Your Fear of “Website Creation” – Jeff Learner – Creating a Website Has Never Been Easier, Jeff’s Here to Show You How You Can Build a Website Without Having to Know Anything “Geek-Related” (You Know, Things Like HTML, CSS, PHP…)!

NES1 Day 2 – Setup Your Lead Gettin’ System and Convert to Sales, Reps & Money!

  • *Proper Mindset – Leadership & Peak Performance Strategies, Jairek Robbins, Will be Teaching You the Power of Perspective to Create the RESULTS You Desire Today!
  • *Advanced Conversion Strategies – Norbert Orlewicz – Will leave off where Brian left off, and show you some advanced strategies on how to get your system to do most of the recruiting and work for you.
  • Mindbenders – Mark Hoverson – Reveals How He Went from Living in a Trailer & Dead Broke to Multi-Millionaire With Income from His Primary Opportunity in Just 12 Months
  • *Lead Systems Fundamentals – Brian Fanale – Will show you how he and his 2 partners produce over $250,000+ per month in sales from people who say “No” to their primary opportunity.
  • *In The Hotseat – Mike Dillard – Gets Put In The Hotseat and Takes Direct Uncensored Questions from YOU and Everyone in Attendance for a Full Hour! Get Mike Dillard to Answer Real Questions Pertaining To YOUR Business!
  • Capture Pages & Copywriting – The Black Belt Copywriter, Tim Erway, Will Be Sharing the Most Powerful “Recruiting Words” He’s Used To Recruit upto 1,732 reps in 31 days!
  • *The 7-Figure Formula – Jonathan Budd – Lays Down Exactly How He Was Able to Earn Over $10,000,000 in 4 Years. You’ll learn…
  • *Recruiting Affluent Professionals – Todd Falcone – Shows You Exactly What To Say and How To Say It, In Order To Recruit Highly Influential and Talented People Into Your Downline – Use These Words To Get a “Yes” 50% of the time!

NES1 Day 3 – Start Driving Traffic (Paid & Free):

  • Offline Traffic – Online & Offline Master Recruiter, Cedrick Harris – Reveals some of his most innovative & sought after offline marketing strategies that ANYONE, regardless of marketing experience can duplicate to effortlessly create targeted traffic & leads for ANY MLM business.
  • PPC – PPC Master Jim Yaghi & Conversion Kingpin David Schwind Reveal “new-truths” about The dreaded Google Slap, how to use it to your BENEFIT today for unlimited traffic and CONVERT THAT TRAFFIC into leads & money!
  • Social Media & Blogging – Tribe Marketing Expert, Katie Freiling – The Only True Social Media Expert in MLM with the Results To Prove It, Shows You How She Generates 20 – 100+ Leads Per Day for Free with Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks
  • SEO – Ferny Ceballos & Raymond Fong, Show You Exactly How to Swallow Your Marketing Whole and Get Tons of Traffic for FREE – courtesy of the largest “customer supplying” search engines!
  • Link Building – Linking Genies, Adam Holland & Joe O’Day – Bottom Line: Link Building is the Most Important SEO Factor! These 2 Engineers Will Unveil the Easiest and Most Hands-off Approach Ever Created to Getting Over 6,000+ Backlinks per Month with the Click of a Button

*Note: Due to unforseen complications with the NES1 venue, the audio quality for the marked (*) segments is poor. However, sub-titles & transcripts we’re rendered to preserve the full integrity and quality of the training.

Bonus #11 – No Excuses Summit II Digital Recordings
(Retail Value $497)

Purchase your No Excuses Summit 3 ticket by Tuesday, 2/28 at Midnight




The World’s Top Income Earners Reveal the Perfect Fusion of Offline & Online Sponsoring Techniques and Show You the Exact Lead & Money Gettin’ Business Plan to Create 7-Figure Incomes from Home!

  • Todd Falcone – Recruiting Mastery & NES2 Master of Ceremony
  • Mike Dillard – How to Multiply the Money You Have, so You Can Walk Away & Retire
  • Jay Kubassek – Scalability & Duplication in Your Business
  • Susan Sly – How to Create a $60 Million Success Story
  • Tim Erway – From Small List to Million Dollar Online Empire
  • Mike Klingler – Setting Up an Online Lead Generation System with a Business You Believe In
  • Diane Hochman – Getting Your Leads to go from Prospect to Top Producers
  • Mark Hoverson – Inciting a Recruiting Frenzy with Direct Response
  • Norbert Orlewicz & Brian Fanale – 5 Pillars of Internet Marketing Success & Social Traffic Strategies
  • Paula Pritchard – How to Build an International Multi-Million Dollar Business
  • Aaron Rashkin – The Exact Skills You Need to Become a Home Business Superstar & Recruit Thousands
  • Ray Higdon – Your $50k per Month Online & Offline Marketing Blueprint
  • Andrew Cass – Getting Stuff Done, so You Can Make Money!
  • Glenn Arcaro & Didi Alcheva – Viral Video Traffic & Marketing with Social Media
  • Justin Christianson – Increasing Online Sales Conversion & Maximizing Profits
  • Joey Klein – Conquering Yourself So You Can Conquer Your Market
  • Jackie Ulmer – Prospecting with Social Media the RIGHT Way!
  • David Wood – How To Sponsor 2,000+ People Your First Year Online!

Don’t forget that you must buy from the following link below to get access to the additional bonuses that we are offering.  Have this link with you ready to click as the last link you click right before the doors open to buy tomorrow night, Feb 21st at 10pm EDT. 

==>No Excuses Summit 3

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