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Network Marketing Coaching Program

Plus a million dollar check up for grabs! Btw…not paid out over time.  No it’s paid UP FRONT!

Welcome, today I wanted to share with you some big news and follow up on our network marketing coaching program we have available for a limited time. Plus….there is also a million dollar check up for grabs, Cool huh?

Here’s How to Work With Bill and I In Our Network Marketing Coaching Program

Currently we are putting together a team to go through our network marketing coaching program that starts up next week.  And…. it will all be recorded if you ever miss a class and saved on a private training site.

Why should you consider working with us or quite frankly why do you need us?  Well Bill and I have a passion for helping others succeed in the network marketing industry.  We have and are experiencing a tremendous amount of success in our business such as: the #1 recruiter in our primary company and top earners, speakers / trainers, recruiters inside of a proven marketing system, called MLSP, and much more.

So with the above said….we have the experience and the passion to help you succeed. We have a proven system, a blueprint, training, and much much more.

Now in the past Bill and I would charge $1,000 an hour just for our services.  We have stopped doing personal coaching and have taken that previous focus and focused more on our team duplication.  Now we are doing it for only $119.00 which buys you in to our team.

Now you might be asking…..Michelle don’t you help a ton of people all the time?  Sure we do!  But, here’s the deal we can share value  everyday to our list.  We can answer emails from other marketers on certain marketing questions. We can touch the surface by doing these things, but to fully get a solid foundation and a set proven blueprint for success we need to have our hands involved in every aspect the business.  A coach / mentor is someone who can guide you everyday, be available via phone, one who offers team trainings, one on one coaching, etc….  Bottom line it’s a more intimate scenario that we share with you.

So, let me share with you some updates that are unfolding this weekend here at our primary company’s event, here in Dallas.

But, let me forewarn you. If you are happy where you are at in your business and you have plenty of leads and have no need for help then feel free to see us tomorrow on our blog where we will offer more free training different from what you are reading now.

If you are intrigued and this might be something for you, here are some the exciting announcements.

Last night the company that we have been with for over 1 1/2 years, that has been the contributing factor to this amazing lifestyle that we are living such as free vacations, over 15k in assets, working full time from home, residual income, #1 recruiter, debt free and much much more…. announced a few exciting updates.

1. FOR A LIMITED TIME:  The buyin option now to join us in NUMIS is $119.00 and gets you your first MS70 asset, 5 free silver samples to help in your prospecting, and your entire business in a box to get started quickly.  This also gives you the opportunity to get your autoship for FREE just by bringing three people into the business.

This is a HUGE announcement.  In the past to join Numis it was $495.00 to get started.  I get it too, some people truly have the drive to succeed but they couldn’t quite swing $495.  This now opens up the door to almost anyone to get their business started that could easily result in a 6 figure business as it has for Bill and I.

Also when you bring new people into the company at the $119.00 level, you as an associate will make $20.00 on each person they bring in (or $40 if you rank advance to the Executive level).  You also qualify for the binary pay at this level .

Now if you are rank advanced to the executive level and you have an associate who signs up an associate under you, that associate under you gets $20.00 and you get the roll up of $20.00.  How cool is that?!

Now these are only a few announcements and these announcements to not negate the 16 ways you can get paid in Numis as an Exec.

2. The MILLION Dollar CHECK! This is amazing.

The first person to bring in 5,000 new people into their team will get a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHECK!  Secondly, anyone who brings in 5000 after the MILLION DOLLAR check winner this person will win $250,000 cash bonus.  The contest period runs for 18 months.

For more details, watch the official announcement here in this video:

So if you are READY to be a part of this momentum with our team at NUMIS and get started in our NEW coaching program then reach out to us.  Bill 214-662-2841 and be sure you have watched the Our Story and FREE Silver on this page ==> Click HERE.

READY to get started with our network marketing coaching program right now at $119.00, then let’s get started ==>Click HERE. 

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