Who Is Mark Hoverson?

by Michelle Alpha Pescosolido

Who Is Mark Hoverson?

I have been blessed with having the amazing opportunity to work with Mark Hoverson at Global Resorts Network and Usana.  He has been my mentor for the past 7 months and I literally have been able to throw everything out the window to focus just on his training and mentorship alone.  Recently I had a chance to hang with Mark for a personal 2 day mastermind.  See video below….

So, Who Is Mark Hoverson?

Mark Hoverson is an expert in online MLM marketing, and is considered by many to be one of the top leaders with his  success in the Network Marketing Profession.  In this blog post, I’m going to answer the question – Who is Mark Hoverson?  I want you to see how he has helped me and can help you succeed.   Watch this quick YouTube video I put together on my last visit with Mark.

Who Is Mark Hoverson and what does he do?

Mark Hoverson has made his name known in the MLM profession in the last couple of years by becoming an attraction marketing genius in Global Resorts Network.   At first, he started like most home business entrepreneurs – struggling to earn enough money to pay for his leads, business tools, and the constant barrage of training events and meetings that he was attending.  This doesn’t even go into the struggles he had personally when he first started out without a penny on him.

Mark has built the old fashion way and his simplistic training has impacted my entire vision of the industry.  Mark does not even have a blog and to this day he laughs at his one capture page that made him a ton of money in this industry.  He believes in getting it out there and testing it before building out.  Mark is not about wasting time and is a smart worker.

Though not that he is quite successful he didn’t start out this way.  He struggled but, was determined to make it for himself and his family.

After a period of time, Mark Hoverson chose to be coached by another industry guru – Network Marketing leader, Jeff taught him the secrets of creating attraction through online marketing systems. When Mark applied his creativity and passion to internet marketing, he found that instead of beating the phones to death trying to sponsor everyone and their mother, that the very best prospects would give him a call, credit card in hand, ready to join his business.

Since that time, he has broken several international sales records, publicly speaks at various events, and has earned in excess of $100,000 in a single month from his home business. He has refined his online marketing systems over the last year, and also offers a coaching program that you can utilize the trainings to immediately create profit in any company you choose.

Who is Mark Hoverson?  Simply put in my opinion the best mentor I have ever had in this industry.  Thanks, Mark!

Hopefully this answers the question….. Who Is Mark Hoverson?

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