Here’s your opportunity to attend 2 epic events all in one location, Phoenix, Arizona.

Mark Hoverson’s and Michelle Alpha Pescosolido’s

Global Resorts Network Team Event

Global Resorts Network




Where: Phoenix, Arizona (Location TBD)

Feb 8-9, 2012 – Join in with myself (Facebook Marketing Queen) and my stellar team at our “private” all day masterminding event.  I am limiting this to a small group for more one on one interactions.  This event will be all about YOU! We will have a large table set up where we will be masterminding all day on your business. If that means you need to start from scratch, we will be helping you do that.  If that means you just need help on setting up a system to start generating leads, we will be helping you do that.  It’s whatever you need and you will get that from myself and my expert trainers.  This won’t be a day filled with lecturing.  This will be a day filled with hands on, get your business running like a well oiled machine.  In one room you’re going to have MYSELF and several of the top leaders in GRN uniting and focusing 100% exclusively on YOU & YOUR business.To spend an entire day with myself and my trainers could cost you $2500.00 for the entire day.  But, you can get to this event for FREE and I will explain below.

*Note if you do not choose the option explained below then in order to attend this event for two days you will need to contact me at 469.247.3526 to make payment arrangements.  Anyone on my Global Resorts Network Team attends for FREE.

Due to the highly personalized nature of this Mastermind, we are forced to limit the event to 10 people

Feb 10, 2012 – Mark Hoverson’s GRN / Information Blueprint Live Event.  Spend the day with our team at Mark Hoverson’s live event and enjoy the following:

  • epic branding video opportunities
  • great food
  • tight team bonding and playing
  • lifelong memories
  • lifelong friendships
  • recruiting frenzy while on sight
  • training from Mark Hovesron, Myself, Eric Wilkes, Adam Holland and many more….


How would you like to work with Mark Hoverson and our TEAM?  For me, to make the decision to join this team was a life changer.  Once the decision was made, I never looked back and created a 6 figure income business in 6 months.  Wouldn’t you like to do the same? I will show you how. This is your chance to work with the very BEST in this industry.

Here are the details:

1. Get back with the Global Resorts Network affiliate on MY TEAM that brought you here and join them RIGHT AWAY.  This offer won’t last long.  Remember only 10 spots available for the 2 Day Mastermind, Feb 8-9, 2012.

2. If you are here because of me then CLICK HERE to join RIGHT AWAY.  Same thing….this offer won’t last long.  I already have 2 spots gone as of today and there are only 10 spots total available.

Here’s the best part.  Once you join our team you can participate in this EPIC Global Resorts Network Contest we are holding right now for our team.  You can also leverage this exact post to generate your own sales and get them a FREE pass to this event.  Not only is there one contest but I have sweetened the pot for my team mates and have added in even more bonuses for you to leverage.

See below:

To participate in the Global Resorts Network Contest you must be an affiliate first.  Inquire today about becoming an affiliate, by calling Michelle 469.247.3526 or CLICK HERE for more information or get back with the person on my team that brought you here.

Here’s how to play once you join:

Qualifying  for the Global Resorts Network Contest

Personal Sale = 2 points
Matching Teammate Sale = 1 point
***Layaway plans only count if sale is completed in full.  Click here – LAYAWAY INFO

***Gold Sales = 1 point, and matching teammate = .5 point
***Must be an active member inside the “GRN Facebook Mastermind Group”, which requires you are engaged in talking to at least 1 prospect per week about the GRN product or opportunity, and you share your successes inside the mastermind. If you are wanting and willing to meet the requirements of the group, email me at for an invitation.
***Must be present during the February 10th GRN event in Phoenix, AZ (obviously if some serious thing happens we will make an exception).

Top 10 in the Global Resorts Network Contest- People with the Most Points

Luxury Global Resorts Network Mastermind- 2 Days & Nights Accommodations in Phoenix-area.

*Feburary 9-10  (during the GRN and “Blueprint LIVE” event)

*amazing food

*feel cool staying at the party house (GRN party Friday night, and Blueprint Party)

*epic branding videos

*tight team bonding & playing

*contagious viral energy moving forward

*lifelong memory

*lifelong friendships

*live recruiting frenzy while on sight

#1- The person with the most points in the Global Resorts Network contest will receive a $2000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind by Mark Hoverson and the private mastermind before

#2- Runner-up in Most Points will receive a $1000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind.

Rookie Global Resorts Network Contest Bonus- (has made 3 or fewer sales at the start of the tournament) Rookie who makes the most points = $1000 bonus.

“Retail Surprise” Prize- The person with the most “Retail Only” sales (meaning the buyers pay only the $2995 for the travel product alone). GRN will pay for your next week of accommodations through our travel provider (up to $799). Minimum 3 sales to qualify. Accommodations must be booked within 12 months.

Here’s the good news.  I am participating personally in the Global Resorts Network Contest and I am looking to bring a new platinum member who signs up during the contest period, on my personal team, to this event as my guest.  You stand a good chance to even qualify to stay with the top leaders in the mansion in Phoenix, Arizona.

===> So, here’s how I have sweetened the OFFER:

Join at the platinum level during the contest period by clicking here or get back with one of my team members and you will receive the following:

  • My Facebook Marketing Overload Course (valued at $497.00)
  • After your payment goes through during the 30 day Global Resorts Network Contest period you will receive $400.00 cash back or credit towards your Facebook Ads. If you choose layaway plan your payment will need to be paid in full by the end of the contest period (valued $400.00)
  • 60 Days for FREE into Mark Hoverson’s private coaching club (valued $298.00)
  • Copy of the 4 Hour Work Week ($29.95)
  • 4 Weeks of personal 1 on 1 coaching sessions at 1 a week for 30 minutes ($2K)
  • Your very own Global Resorts Network capture page created by Eric Wilkes (valued $497.00)
  • Admission to the 3 Day Mastermind in Phoenix Feb 8, 9, 10, 2012
I have every right to take down these bonuses at anytime. I highly encourage you to jump on board with a winning team today if you are anywhere on the fence.  (Note: I don’t work with Free affiliates) Take a look at the most recent opportunity webinar held by my good friends, Mark Hoverson and Eric Wilkes for more insight and vision on how you can start making passively $1K commissions.
Stay tuned for more updates on the Global Resorts Network Contest.





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