Live The Dream Event – MLSP

Live The Dream Event - MLSP

Coming Soon:

Live The Dream Event – MLSP

Orlando, Florida

This will be my first year at Live The Dream Event – MLSP and I am stoked!  You see when I started marketing my primary business online, I had just joined MLSP and had just missed the 2010 Live The Dream Event – MLSP.  If I knew then what I know now I would of done everything possible to make it to the event last year. 

Well the opportunity has presented itself to me and I wouldn't miss Live The Dream -MLSP for anything in the world.  What's that old saying? "Live Events will make you RICH?"  I believe that 110% after going to several events in the past 8 months.  My 6 figure success has happened quickly and I owe a lot to attending those Live Events.  


This will be the second Live The Dream Event – MLSP and last year the live event included 6 & 7 figure speakers, like Mike Dillard, Daegan Smith, Todd Falcone, and Brian Fanale.  That's an All Star line up and expect MLSP to not hold back this year when it comes to the speaker line up, which has not been announced yet.  

Here are some of the testimonials from last year's Live The Dream Event – MLSP:

This is one of the most powerful events I've ever been a part of… First class all the way and the caliber of speakers was incredible. We highly recommend MLSP to anyone wanting to implement attraction marketing into their businesses TODAY!"
Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring CEO

"This was by far the most impactful online marketing event I've ever attended. Not only was the production quality spectacular, but the training, the connections, and the value from the speakers will really 'Change the Game' for you if you apply it in your business."
David Wood MLSP Powerhouse

"There's no more of a perfect title than 'Live the Dream' for the event put on by the boys at MLSP. That amount of education compressed into a couple of days is INSANE! An off the charts, rocking event!"
Todd Falcone Master Prospector

"The "Live the Dream" event absolutely amazed me! I personally walked away with 3 separate ideas that have each added $50,000 per year to my business, and I was a speaker!"
Daegan Smith Master Internet Marketer

Why you should be at Live The Dream Event – MLSP

Now come on…in this industry when an event like this can attract top speakers like those above you know it's going to be big the following year.  So, here are the reasons why you should not miss the Live The Dream Event – MLSP this year. 


1. If you want to take your business to the next level

2. If you want the most time-sensitive “whats working now” powerful internet marketing training you could ever receive

3. If you want to stay light years ahead of your “competition”

4.If you want to network with people who could potentially join your business

5. If you want to meet some of the top leaders in this industry

There will be a mass of top earners at this event all right there for you to connect with and even strategize with.  The power of all the leaders in one event creates inspiration, motivation, and direction as soon as you walk in the doors!  So get your bags packed and get your tickets and be ready to rock it out in Orlando, Florida by clicking here Live The Dream Event – MLSP.


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