My Lead System Pro – Means More Leads….

Well my researching is over for the perfect system to generate more leads for my business. I have joined over the past 6 months several sites that provide a solution to the old school ways of finding leads. I actually worked in these sites for a few months and documented my results.

Awhile back I realized my warm market had run out and I needed to find a new way to generate leads. I followed several 7 figure income earners and took their advice on how to generate leads online.

I also realized a lot of these guys use a system. The skeptic in me did not want to pay money for a system that I had to depend on to generate leads. So, what did I do? I received training from Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd in a 6 week program called MLM Launch Formula. Worth every penny! After completing the training, I tried it on my own. I created my blog, my lead capture page, my bonus, my autoresponder campaign, sales page, and set up my ppc ads. After running this for a little over 2 months, I felt like I was still missing something.

Well…since I am a big fan of Jonathan Budd I jumped into his 7 Figure Networker. This is a platform that you pay a monthly fee for. You get several customizable lead capture pages and an autoresponder campaign. I found this system to be lacking in marketing training. The training to set up the system was great but again….just something missing. I did generate several leads, but I felt like I already knew how to do all that he was offering, why should I pay almost 50 bucks a month for this.  Another feeling I had was that the capture pages were all focused on Jonathan Budd and I had to rely on his reputation to generate my leads. If you are the type of person that doesn’t need marketing training in all aspects of social media then this might be the system for you.  Or…if you are looking just to add some Jonathan Budd to your current marketing system then this might be for you.  Though, my thoughts on that is just be an affiliate for him and you will have access to his pages.

Enter in My Lead System Pro

On I went to My Lead System Pro.  Again, quite skeptical.  Once I logged in and signed up, I literally watched a series of short videos on how to use the My Lead System Pro site.  Let me just say that short videos are great because I have a short attention span.  This took me about 45 minutes and I was up and ready to start generating leads.  There are several affiliate programs within My Lead System Pro.  The back office is organized with your team information, all your sites, your statistics and just about everything you need.  The training alone is worth the 50 bucks a month!  I have over 5 capture pages up and running and the leads are pouring in now.  Again….I feel I could do this all on my own but My Lead System Pro offers so much more.  Weekly webinars, archived video trainings on all areas of social media, blog videos, and contests.  This site is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for an all in one system.  My Lead System Pro provides a solution for you, a duplicateable system that you and your team plug into.  You are ready to go that day with a sales funnel, website, marketing approach that top earners use in this industry.   Plus, you have the opportunity to learn from other 7 figure internet marketers on exactly how they drive 100 plus leads everyday.  How could this not help grow my business?  I simply love My Lead System Pro and think you should also check it out.  I am in there and am willing to help you guys if you decide to take a test drive for the first 30 days.  The system also ties your primary opportunity into the campaigns.  Simply and easy to use.

So, as you can see you do have choices out there.  In fact there are many more.   There were a few others I joined but I decided to talk about the popular ones in this blog, 7 Figure Networker and My Lead System Pro.  You can go alone at this and learn the ropes all on your own or you can jump into one of these systems I have mentioned above.  I hope this helps some of you or possibly gives you an idea of what is out there.  The alternative to chasing friends and family around is through one of the many systems out there.  They are an all in one business system and the great thing is you get a chance to mastermind with some top earners in this industry.

Gotta Love My Lead System Pro – Well, at least I do!

Till next time……

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