What to do with your leads

What to do with your leads

Still not sure what to do with your leads? I'll show you...

There are many people out there who are currently using the MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) marketing system that often ask the question “So Bill, I’ve set up the system, it’s working and I’m generating leads, now what do I do with my leads?” This is a very important and common question, so if you’re wondering what to do with your leads you’re not alone. Additionally, there are those who have yet to sign up with MLSP who are still having the same problem. In this blog post I will cover step by step what to do with your leads that you generate through the MLSP system.


First, once you’ve logged into your account head into the My Leads tab within your MLSP back office to look at your leads. Here you will be able to see the lead’s information, which system campaign they came from, how many times they’ve viewed a page etc. Now in order to understand what to do with your leads it’s important to understand the process of what your leads went through and what they saw to become one of your leads.   First of all, you will get a visitor that comes to your lead capture page where they will be enticed to enter in their name and email address. Once they have done that they will officially become a lead. Now that they are a lead they will go on to see either your welcome page or perhaps your intro page depending on how you’ve set it up within MLSP. The intro page will provide more detail on attraction marketing as well as most likely offer some kind of free training. Throughout the intro page there will be several different opportunities for the lead to “CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED” which will automatically take them to the MLSP sales page, also known as your affiliate page. It is on this MLSP sales page where the lead will be introduced to the MLSP system and further enticed to try out their 2 week trial for $9.95. This is the process your lead goes through. Everything you just read is the experience your lead had to get to you.


Now here is where the automation and the technology and the beauty of the MLSP system kicks in. Even if your lead doesn’t move forward with the two week MLSP trial, your lead will still receive follow up emails via your auto responder. In fact, your lead will receive a series of emails from your auto responder w/ descriptions of various different training modules within the MLSP system. The final goal by doing this is to impress your lead so much, and blow them away with all of the different training they will have access to so much that they will realize they need to try out the MLSP system.


Still not sure what to do with your leads?

Well for the most part you can let the system do its job. Some people will say that you need to immediately call them and others might say you should send your list of leads broadcast messages. I’ll go into the virtues of both of those in other blog posts. But to start with all you need to really do I plug into the MLSP system, get it set up and let the system itself do its thing.

If you’d like to learn more about the MLSP system or what to do with your leads CLICK HERE

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