internet marketing successInternet Marketing Success – Don’t Compare

There are many marketers out seeking internet marketing success and many get stopped by one big negative action, comparing.

Recently I got an email from a gentleman who just started in a particular system that we use, MLSP, and he was comparing his lack of success to others who were successful.

This happens quite often in our industry as we are constantly being bombarded with success stories and not the non successful stories.  So a person’s perception of this creates their reality, that everyone is having tremendous success and not them.

In the video below I discuss my response to his message and talk about how comparing can be detrimental to one’s career.

When it comes to internet marketing success, network marketing success, affiliate marketing success quitting should not even be in your vocabulary.

Hopefully these mindset shifts I discuss in the video below will help you in understanding that not everyone is playing with the same deck of cards when it comes to finding internet marketing success.

Internet Marketing Success – Don’t Compare

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