How To Use The Internet To Find New Direct Sales Recruits

A Few Direct Sales Recruiting Tips

Finding new recruits is the backbone of a growing, successful direct sales business. With more and more direct sales companies allowing online recruiting, this task is easier than ever. Knowing how to locate new recruits using the Internet will save you time and effort as you work to build your team. Here are several ideas to get you started recruiting online:

Clearly post recruiting objectives on your website

The first thing to do is be sure your recruiting information is clearly posted on your website. This will be the page you direct prospective recruits to, so let it answer any question a new recruit might ask. Be sure to include a comprehensive FAQs section.

Include a signature file on outgoing emails

This is usually done through the Tools, Options, or Preferences section of your email program. Doing so will put a link to your website at the bottom of every message you send out and will let others know what your business is. It will also attract people to your website, which is what you want.

Use a creative tag line

Rather than simply signing off with the name of your company, use something like “Looking for a work-at-home opportunity that costs less than a new dress?” or “Ask me how you can earn a FREE sales kit when you join my team!” Come up with something that will interest prospective recruits and get them to click the link for more information.

Join a discussion forum

Discussion forums like Better Networker are a tremendous location for finding new direct sales recruits. Search the term WAHM discussion forum and you’ll come up with hundreds of possibilities. Visit the most likely results and see which ones appeal to you. Understand that you’ll be looking for people interested in a work-at-home opportunity or a way to earn extra money rather than those that deal specifically with directs sales. You’re looking for places that attract people who want to earn money, not a forum filled with other company reps.

Join an email group

Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, and similar sites offer thousands of email lists on any topic you can imagine. Search for large groups that have been around awhile and that show a lot of interaction between members. Again, target lists that attract your ideal recruit, rather than those filled with other consultants. And avoid those that are strictly ads. Ad lists (often called “SPAM lists”) are a waste of time. People join them simply to send their own ads and very few members actually read the messages.

Use your social networking

Tell people about your business opportunity using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Post  small bytes of information that can “tease” people into visiting your site to find out more and to learn about your business.  Don’t litter your social networking sites with only promotional posts, but throwing in a few casual “ads” every day is totally acceptable, and might gain you some of your best recruits.

Place an ad on Craigslist.

Be sure to use the correct business slot, or under the employment ads that apply to commission only jobs. Don’t be surprised or discouraged if your ad gets kicked off a few times, even if you followed the rules. Sometimes people will flag what they consider a competing business opportunity simply to get rid of the competition. These spiteful people are trying to stop you from running a clean, upright campaign for your business. Keep an eye on the site and if your ad disappears, simply repost it again. Hopefully, your competitor will eventually get the message that you’re determined to place an appropriate ad on the site and stop flagging it. If not, contact the webmaster with your concerns.

Avoid using SPAM

A very important rule of “netiquette” to keep in mind is to never use SPAM to locate new recruits. SPAM is unsolicited commercial messages sent to people you don’t know or who haven’t asked to receive your information. Sending such messages can get you kicked off forums, dropped from lists, and banned quicker than you can say “I’m sorry!”

Learning how-to locate new direct sales recruits online is a simple process, and one that will reward you greatly as you begin to sign on new team members and consultants to build your business.

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